Black Flamingo

Black Flamingo

Black Flamingo began as an idea that danced like a smile across our lips. It started out as a laugh shared between two friends, but grew to be the glue between all of us. We make music that doesn't define itself, or us, but serves as a release of all of our demons and angels. We don't draw upon our influences, but let them hang in the air as inspiration. We are always learning, evolving, and most importantly, creating.

Night Talks

Night Talks is an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles, California. With vocals that are equal parts angelic and razor-tipped, bass and drums that drive, and powerful, shimmering guitars, they'll remind you of the first time you stayed in your room all night listening to a record.

Cathy Cooper/ guitar, vocals
Stephen McNeely / drums, percussion

Cathy and Stephen met 6 years ago in Echo Park.

They started playing what began as a stripped down, folk blues venture. It has evolved into an aggressive spiral down into the world of swamps, sex, love and murder. If there were music that could make you feel like ripping your heart out, watching it dissolve then walking that long road to death, that would be the way they're traveling. Turning traditional music on it's head and skinning it down to it's most lovely and brutal essence.

Dancing Tongues is a duo from Los Angeles formed in the fall of 2015. Drawing influence from the creative approaches of the late 70's punk movements and mid-century modern art, the band plays minimal post-punk that is both danceable and energetic.

$10 Advance / $12 Day of Show


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