Greg Laswell

I didn't realize that I had started an album though. It was when I aimlessly fumbled into the fourth or fifth song that the momentum and theme slightly pivoted with the track "Do What I Can", adding enough momentum and purpose to finish an album. You see, my family was beginning to worry about me so I wrote them a lullaby of sorts to let them know that I was going to be okay, a sentiment that I wasn't quite sure of at the time to be honest, but the very suggestion of which had a way of restoring me. People ask all the time who the "Lady" is. It's my mom. I've called her "Lady" since I was very young (fun fact #1).

I grew up in Long Beach, California where my parents enlisted me in everything from baseball to magic classes at the public library until they finally bought me an alto saxophone when I was in middle school. I was instantly taken. A few years later, my na-na would buy my sister a piano for her 13th birthday. She hated every minute of it. I didn't. In my senior year of high school I joined choir with a few friends as a joke, however, the joke was me when I fell in love with singing. I wrote my first song "Friends For Life" and sang it at graduation later that year (fun fact #2). Google if you must, but it is no where to be found, thank the almighty God.

Then I moved to San Diego to seldom attend college and start a few ill-fated bands, the last of which was called Shillglen. When we took a break for a few months in 2002, I used the time to start recording what would be my first solo record, "Good Movie". It won me a 2004 San Diego Music Award for Best Recording (fun fact #3) and bolstered my then-new production studio, 20 Inch Records. I was working full-time out of my house and got my dog Shep Proudfoot.

Cut to the title-track "Through Toledo". Two dear friends of mine decided to move to Toledo in order to augment their chances of ending up in New York or LA. They were quite comfortable in San Diego with a wonderful circle of friends, great jobs, and a beautiful house and moving would prove to be a risk both personally and emotionally. I remember them saying "we need to go through Toledo to get where we want to be." I immediately asked myself what my "Toledo" is. I wasn't sure for a while. I think I am now.

Chad Lehr

We have all been that guy or gal driving home alone at night when a song comes on, maybe we know it, maybe we don't, but in those 3:30-4:00 minutes, we feel safe. Safe in our pain, safe in our hope, safe in our understanding that things won't always be like this bad/good thus causing us to cherish that moment, and if we can't...we simply start the song over. Sometimes over and over again. Chad Lehr just want to be the song you want to play over and over again.

$20.00 - $22.00


Due to a death in the family, Greg Laswell had to reschedule this performance to Thursday, January 10th, 2019 at White Rabbit Cabaret. All previously purchased tickets for the September 13th show will be honored at the door. Thanks for your understanding and see you in January!

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