Nicolay & The Hot At Nights

Dutch musician and producer Nicolay (of Grammy nominated alternative soul duo The Foreign Exchange) and Raleigh NC trio The Hot At Nights (Chris Boerner, Matt Douglas and Nick Baglio) have been playing and touring together in various guises for years, refreshing their curriculum at every opportunity. There is always groove and lilt and a slick, knowing humor in their music, but it is always carried and earned through powerful musicianship. Most importantly, there is always reach, always an expansion of their musical agenda through complex arrangements and broad compositional risks. This has been true over a handful of albums from both The Hot At Nights and Nicolay independently, but never has their reach been as long as it is on Glaciers.

Glaciers, a dizzying array of original ideas smartly weaving a wide swath of profound influences throughout, proves that the group has not only unlocked their instruments, but their tongues, and is not just an album of experiments and ideas, but endless stories.

$13.00 - $400.00


$13 Advance/ $15 Day of Show/ $20 Premier Balcony/ $125 Premier Tables/ $400 Premier Cabanas

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