Central Valley-based post hardcore outfit Wolf & Bear have been tearing up the scene since their debut single “Oil Cup” was released in 2015. That same year the band encountered some member changes, yet trekked on and released their second single “Sight” in September of 2015. That single, in particular, elevated the band from a local stature into a more refined and mature band. At the beginning of 2016 the band announced that they had signed with Blue Swan Records. The subsequent split(Wolf & Bear X Adventurer) with label-mates Adventurer proved to increase their following and get them known on a national level. Having toured much of the west coast, the Band set out to record a full length with Dryw Owens(A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar, From Indian Lakes ). That full length came to fruition in October 2017 with the release of their album “Everything Is Going Grey”. With a subsequent tour with Dance Gavin Dance, Polyphia , and Icarus The Owl , the band has only just started their career.
- Ben Shlotthauer, Soundlink Magazine

Based out of Orlando, Makari is a five-piece ambient-rock outfit signed to Invogue Records. Their latest release “Control”, produced by Andrew Wade, finds the band further refining their sound, and offers a glimpse into the bands debut LP. With dreamy and delicate guitar work, driving bass and drums, soaring and melodic lyric-driven vocals, the band allows you to drift on a sonic-sea of delay and reverb just long enough before dropping you back into straight-forward, high-energy grooves.

Call of Sirens

For The Many Few

For The Many Few is a new metalcore band from Branchville NJ, Started in the beginning of 2016. We have all come from musical backgrounds, and all have the same taste in music. Brian and RJ have been in other bands one being In Your Honor, Louis and Zack have been playing together just for fun for more than 5 years on weekends... The band started earlier this year When we found RJ and Brian... Our Bassist Kenny left because of college.. so it's a four man band at this point. Zack loves Polyphia, Periphery, and Breakdown of Sanity, Louis' favorite bands are Parkway Drive and August Burns Red, Louis and Brian's playing style root from their love of classical music, Brian plays at the Irish Cottage In Hamburg From time to time... His Favorites and inspirations are As I Lay Dying and Of Mice & Men, RJ's Vocalistic abilities are rooted from Whitechapel and other bands, which he made a basis for his vocals... At the end of the day we all love music for what it is, we like to make noise and we just want to play and hope everyone enjoys our songs, we've been working hard on them to make sure we have a sound that we all agree upon.
... Come to the show we bring offerings of Cake.... Maybe.... you will have to come to find out though.

The Last Martyr



$10 in advance, or $12 cash at the door

$5 Food & Beverage minimum collected in cash at door for all guests under the age of 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant.

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