Dead Air, DZR, Holy Flowers, Family Cash

DZR is a 3 piece Post-Punk band, comprising of Erik Munoz, Mark Anda, and Jesse Gamiz. The thoughts of nuclear winter and Idle time spent in transit has shaped their music. Having started in Northern California, the trio now resides in Los Angeles.

Holy Flowers

Holy Flowers is a psyched out, post-punk quartet built around two sets of longtime friends and collaborators. Led by former Pennsylvania natives Drew Carsillo and Nathan Andre, and joined by Angelenos Dan Rossi and Steve Delamater, Holy Flowers builds intense songs around high energy live performances.

“Dead Air is a 3-piece that has mastered the skill (nay, the ART) of Loud LOUDER and Loud. The definition of burning the bong from both ends. 3 kooks playing cooked out power riffs. A chick plays bass so you’ll have at least 1 girl attending the show. The frontman comes from a litter of about 12 siblings (I think his parents were Mormon or something). They learned how to write and play music by watching Red Hot Chili Peppers live videos and did the exact opposite. This band is a legend among legends. A lord among lords. Sometimes they can be fuckwits. But they are OUR fuckwits.”
-Zac Carper from FIDLAR

“That was so fun, I love your songs”
-Reggie Watts

A fresh four piece ringing in a new blend of harder folk infused rock. We strive to play honest heartfelt music.



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