A Pale Horse Named Death

On the surface, A Pale Horse Named Death are impressive. But you´ll want to dig deeper and immerse yourself in all the sonic and lyrical layers, because the band isn´t afraid to plume the depths of darkness that humanity is capable of. It´s murky stuff, but someone has to do it.

A Pale Horse Named Death arrived with 2011's incredible introduction "And Hell Will Follow Me" and also with 2013's follow up "Lay My Soul to Waste", which kept the band´s patented signature formula of slow, deliberate sludge and head-down doom in tact and as flawlessly executed as ever. Think Alice in Chains, only harder, angrier and with a more perverse view of the world, as if they were reared in a row house in Bensonhurst, as opposed to the rainy landscape of Seattle, all the while feasting on a steady diet of Black Sabbath records.
Both albums hit Top 10 in 2011 and Top 20 in 2013 for album of the year in Revolver magazine. Press from all around the world praise the brilliance of APHND who now have been coined the new Lords of Doom from Brooklyn NY.

Formed in the USA in 1993, PIST.ON have released two albums - ‘Number One’ through Fierce Recordings / Atlantic Records in 1996 and ‘$ell Out’ through Mayhem / Music For Nations in 1999. In addition the band released the independent 'Saves' EP in 2001.

Blud Red Roses

A trio based in Central New Jersey, Blud Red Roses is comprised of veterans of the Tri-State music scene. The bands sound draws from a wide range of influences; from metal, modern hard rock and even punk. A sound that is familiar and brand new all at the same time. Their energetic live shows convey the passion they have for their music and for performing live.

Marcazo Band

One With Machine

This new mega 4 piece hard rock band consists of seasoned vets to the N.J. music scene.
Now back in action with their new band ONE WITH MACHINE Scott Chiocchi, Mike Million, and Al Lugo are back with a vengeance.
Ready to pound the pavement on their mission to bring metal back to America starting with the tri-state area.

Ropetree is made up of four army ants plotting a way to take down a praying mantis. You can only duct tape the anger and life frustration so long. When the volcano erupts you get Ropetree! This band is selling candy coated poison, collecting addicts and killing the non-believers with unexpected purity. Nothing has been given to these guys. They have earned every ounce of their respect by taking the long and painful road to nowhere, proving they do it because they love it. They want it all but they want it their way.



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