The Village Bicycle, Us, Today, Math + Logic, Kitschy

The Village Bicycle

Rust belt longings and polyamorous harmonies are laced through clanging guitars and soaring keyboard countermelodies, all underscored by a hard-hitting, relentless rhythm section. Inspired by bizarre nap dreams, life changes and the overwhelming pull to connect to the universe and every being in it, The Village Bicycle ponders the big questions while still enjoying life’s little mysteries. They thoroughly love sharing themselves through their music, and their evervescent energy onstage makes for an awesome, upbeat live experience.

"This Cleveland outfit softens its mathy melodies and shoegaze fuzz with retro sci-fi synth, trippy psychedelic production, and vocals that shift from delicate and feminine to tough, brazen and even funny. Backed by a quirky, Abba-meets-the-Andrews-Sisters chorus, it creates music that’s fun, refreshing and thought-provoking." -The Charlotte Observer, North Carolina

Us, Today

Us, Today started as an organic experiment in sound. With the unique instrumentation of vibraphone, keyboard, guitar, and drums they set out to create music that defies genre. The group started with a chance meeting in 2010 at a coffee shop, and a discussion of a shared interest in St. Vincent. The three members, Kristin Agee, Joel Griggs, and Jeff Mellott, began weekly improvisation session, experimenting with their unique sonic possibilities. Improvisations turned into compositions. To date, Us, Today has released three albums. “RH Sessions” (2011), “Beneath the Floorboards” (2012) and “TENENEMIES” (2015). Each album shows a progression of the band, from a free improvisation background, to a more composed and polished sound. Since their 2015 release, Us, Today has had the pleasure of sharing a stage with Sylvan Esso, Kishi Bashi, Deerhoof, Ghost-Note, and the Mike Dillon Band. They have toured extensively through the midwest, and have played several festivals including Midpoint Music Festival (Cincinnati, OH) and Secret Stages (Birmingham, AL). Their anticipated 4th album “Computant” (2018) shows another step in their sonic progression, to a more unified, electronic sound.

"Us, Today's virtuosity and vigorous arrangements warrant a much larger audience, preferably as quickly as possible." - Jim Fusilli The Wall Street Journal (2017)

Math + Logic

Emerging from the estranged diversity of a post-urban, sub-rural Northeastern Ohio, this sextet creates a synthesis of sound that masterfully articulates elements of melodic madness coupled with careening tone and tenacious timbre. The band seeks to function as a time machine that transports the listener to futuristic dimensions of temporal entropy operating in hyperspace. It is truly an encounter set to shift our paralyzed paradigmatic understanding of human consciousness to a new renaissance of awareness. If our primitive ancestors heard this shit, they would be freaked the fuck out, no doubt.



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