Darling West

Darling West

Darling West: «While I Was Asleep» (ALBUM) Jansen Records 2018 DARLING WEST ARE AT THE FOREFRONT OF NORDIC AMERICANA Darling West experienced a spectacular breakthrough in their musical career after the release oftheir second album, «Vinyl and a Heartache» in 2016. They were awarded a Norwegian Spellemann award (equivalent of Grammy), listed on Norway’s biggest radio channels and appeared on the Top 100 Country charts in the US. They have played shows all over the world –among the highlights are several of Norway’s biggest festivals, SXSW in Texas, Americanafest inNashville, Folk Alliance in Kansas City, a tour with Sam Outlaw and a support slot for Lucinda Williams. Those are many highlights. They have also had several million plays on Spotify, appearing in several influential playlists. Always ambitious and restless, the band didn’t rest on their acquired laurels. Contrarily, they headed straight into the studio to record the follow-upto «Vinyl and a Heartache». Darling West’s third album, the self-produced «While I Was Asleep», contained ten new songs, and was released worldwide February 16th, 2018. Although they have added drums, the band stays true to their sound and still plays the sweet americana/country/folk they are known for. Moreover, the new album demonstrates a revitalized Darling West, with more drive in the music and even catchier melodies than before – who would have thought that was even possible? Darling West’s career continues tobeon the up, and 2018 promises tobe their biggest year so far. Preceding the album release is a visit to the Eurosonic music festival in the Netherlands and the release of the album’s fourth single, «Loneliness». A visit to Folk Alliance in Kansas City coincided with the album release date, and provided a fitting arena for the launch of «While I Was Asleep». So far the album has received raving reviews from Uncut Magazine, Greil Marcus in Village Voice Classic Rock Magazine, Folk Radio UK, Belwood Music, Americana Highways and many more. «While I Was Asleep» was released February 16th, 2018 on Jansen Records.

The Prescriptions

For Birmingham native Hays Ragsdale, songwriting became second nature early on, however it was a creative outlet that he mostly kept to himself. His outlook changed, however, after moving to Nashville in the fall of 2014, when family friend and Nashville music veteran Chas Williams convinced him that his songs had an audience. So Hays decided to seek out a group of experienced musicians and naturally turned to fellow Nashville transplants formerly involved in Birmingham's tight-knit music community. Luckily, he found some familiar faces: Longtime friend and bassist Parker McAnnally was recruited first, who soon suggested accomplished guitarist Jack Thomason and his college classmate, Houston-raised drummer John Wood. All drawn to the musical environment in Nashville for similar reasons, the four-piece quickly discovered a common vision and formed The Prescriptions.

While The Prescriptions may come by their Southern style of narrative storytelling honestly, they refuse to rest on the laurels of their musical heritage. Songs like “She Is Waiting” prove that they’re just as comfortable launching into a heavy, alt-country breakdown as they are a world-weary lyrical stream of consciousness. The Prescriptions channel a broad range of influences, from the aching, unaffected honesty of ‘70s folk titans like Neil Young, to the guitar-driven melodies of The Strokes’ early recordings and the experimental energy of Wilco.

The band is set to start recording their first full length album at the legendary Sound Emporium Studios this spring. It’s clear that The Prescriptions are somewhat of a rarity in the modern musical landscape: a group of close friends that are more concerned with pushing each other’s creative boundaries rather than pushing a sound you’ve heard before. - Hilli Levin

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