Lori Amey Band

Lori Amey Band

With a rich, diverse palette, Lori Amey takes her audience on a deeply personal, musical odyssey with each recording or live performance. The journey, more recently demonstrated by her new LP Big & Bold (released Jan 2018), reveals the many facets of the artist - the bold, beautiful rock star, the folksy campfire storyteller, the soulful barroom balladeer, the totally relatable, accessible pop singer. As the listener, you’re completely submerged by the tapestry of thoughts and feelings, authentic and clearly drawn from real life, to the point that you're left wondering how anyone has the capacity to actually feel it all. Above all you're drawn to the voice, often sweet but strong, at once unbowed and then completely vulnerable - but at all times, totally captivating. Her widely assorted, constantly evolving musical style along with her down-to-earth, disarmingly honest songwriting are reminiscent of Laura Marling spliced with Young the Giant. Lori Amey is at once like these artists but at the same time like no other - someone who completely defies categorization, marginalization, imitation or cliché.

'color' is - Culture enriched by music…and that is our goal. Formerly, 'The Mighty Small,' Colorado's band, 'color', is the quintessential (!) five person group for all of Denver's best music digs and personal events. Fortuitously formed in the heart of Denver, 'color' is a manifestation of diverse musical backgrounds, ranging from drum circles in rural Uganda, to classical orchestral performances on big stages around the US. We flavorfully dovetail our sounds into a combination of 'indie-funk-folk-jazz,' that is great for breakin' in your Friday Night Dancin' Shoes. In addition to the pure joy we get from playing music together, we can't resist the tickle of seeing people brought together as the result of our emanating soundomones. In this way, 'color' is – Community. See you soon!

Monaco & Alameda

Folk band with members from Cavan, Ireland and Denver, Colorado.

$8.00 - $10.00


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