Blanco Nino, Ipsum Caballam, Green Sahara

“Two brothers (Nate and Nick Bennett) formed Blanco Niño in early 2018. The two have been playing together since childhood and when they sing in harmony their history of playing and songwriting becomes truly apparent. Sonically, Blanco Niño is best described as haunting, bright, and dreamy, with very pleasant melodies & harmonies, ethereal keyboard work & ambient tones. Growing up they were influenced by late 60’s and early 70’s rock/pop mixed with contemporary, garage and psychedelic sounds. The multi-instrumentalist duo started this new project to explore their unique sound and expand the voice they had developed. The brothers dropped their first EP “Bundle of Joy” in early 2018 which includes four driving, yet melodic tracks. Picking up Ben Tinsley (Hindu Pirates) to take care of all things percussive, the three dropped their new self-titled EP “Blanco Niño” on all platforms. With the addition of Kris Miller (Mellow Grass), the final four continue to write, record, and tour new material. They’re focusing on new songs and videos dropping in the very near future.”



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