Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis

Ft. Dan Crohn.

With over 1.3 million Facebook fans and counting, Ryan Davis is a comedian out of Concord,
NC whose versatile style of comedy has allowed him to open for mainstream acts such as Jay
Pharoah of SNL, urban acts like Michael Blackson of Next Friday, and eccentric acts like Tom
Green of The Tom Green Show.  By winning many comedy competitions, starting a successful
monthly comedy showcase, and gaining the respect of comedians that have been doing it 20+
years; Ryan proved that the amount of stand-up comedy success that he saw in such a short
period of time was not a fluke. Due to his success as a viral internet star, Ryan no longer is an
opening act. Though he is known more for his online videos, Ryan isn't like the other internet
comedians. He is a dual threat that is the first of his kind.


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