Make It Last All Night - Tribute to Tom Petty

Make It Last All Night - Tribute to Tom Petty

Hailing from Los Angeles, MAKE IT LAST ALL NIGHT has performed together since 2015 and now arrives in the Bay Area at Yoshi's! Lead singer/guitarist Erich Schneider is more than just a dead ringer for the great Tom Petty... A seasoned and phenomenally talented musician, Erich and his all-star band will take you on a journey through Petty's amazing career featuring tunes from the Heartbreakers, Tom's solo material and even a couple Traveling Wilburys cuts. Spot-on vocals, immaculate guitar work, all the vintage keys sounds and driving drums and bass add-up a performance like no other Petty Tribute act around. "MAKE IT LAST ALL NIGHT" at 10 PM Friday May 11, and re-live with us the career of Tom Petty, one of America's greatest song writers and performers!



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