Vug Arakas is a resident of Los Angeles; a songwriter who left Columbus, Ohio in 2012 to see what the other side of the country had to offer.
While Los Angeles is full of sunshine and endless "goodtimes", it's also full of broken dreams, harsh realities, psychic vampires, and vapid mysticism. Not to mention those endless "goodtimes" often come with a hell of a price. After settling in to LA Vug quickly experienced all of the above and did what any songwriter worth his salt would do: he wrote about it.
They tend to throw around the term "old fashioned" these days for anybody who "just" plays rock 'n roll and while this band does play rock 'n roll there is nothing "old fashioned" about this. It's absolutely timeless without being regressive or retro or falling into cliché. It's simply good.

Parting Lines

Southern California duo Parting Lines is the new project of Tim Ramsey and Trevor Beld Jimenez, who were longtime members of Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, and sidemen in bands such as Vetiver, Little Wings, and DIOS. Tim and Trevor continue to make the music they wanted to hear and dreamed of creating.
Parting Lines, find themselves looking outward with destination unknown. There is a joyful romanticism in their music with nods to Petty, Springsteen, and Fleetwood Mac, but with their ship set sail for modern horizons. Songs about a larger sense of self with rock n’ roll deliverance.

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