Schtick A Pole In It: Prince Edition

Schtick A Pole In It: Prince Edition (Show 1)

From comedians Dan Goodman and JoAnna Ross comes Schtick A Pole In It, a night of comedy and pole dancing. Comics and pole dancers alternate the stage to create a unique show that leaves everyone happy. Who doesn’t like to laugh? Who doesn’t like to see dancers do insane things on the pole? If you’ve never seen a pole show this is the one to come to. They’re not strippers, it’s not burlesque, it’s aerial dance with a side of crazy gymnastics and death defying tricks that make your jaw drop.

This weekend, for 2 shows!, we're doing Prince. The only man so nice we crowned him twice. Come see all his hits, "Kiss", "Cream", "Darling Nikki", where they belong, on the pole. If you don't see shows like this why are you even paying the crazy NYC rents?

Dan Goodman (Skinja, Fusion Network)
JoAnna Ross (creator of Schtick)
Regina DeCicco (Italian Chicks)
Pete Kuempel (Philly's Funniest)
Special Guest TBA

Danielle Amico (co-founder Pole Play)
Carmine Black (Velour Noire)
Alexandra Mirabella (2nd place USPDF Sexy Novice)
Berna Osso (Incredipole, Sunrise Tribe)
Brian Rich (Oops, Bad to the Chrome)

Lineup subject to change

$20.00 - $30.00

Off Sale

Ticket link for September Show 2:

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