The Mantras

The Mantras, a five piece jam machine born of Greensboro, NC have been
conquering crowds and melting minds all over the country progressively for over a
decade. The band’s music can be described with all types of varying rock and roll
terminology, but is absolutely best defined by each listener’s ear and, equally
important, their experience.
Since the inception of The Mantras in the mid 2000's, the band has been touring the
country and building a catalog of 4 studio albums and over 100 original songs.
Performing an entirely different set of music each night is an integral part of the
band’s direction and mission as well as the ability to truly improvise in between
orchestrated pieces. With eclectic influences of sounds from around the globe, The
Mantras create a musical escapade during each performance, giving every ounce of
emotion to their craft of expression and communication through music.
The Mantras are a family of rock; their closely­knit bonds can truly be felt by the
crowd while the band performs. This is a critical feature of their community. One
can easily tell that the musical pockets created by radical guitar riffs, gut checked
bass lines, screeching synthesizers, a complete projection light show and two
symbiotic drummers are no accident. The musical conversation on stage is simply
beautiful to watch. The feeling is not exclusive just to the members on stage,
however. The Mantras’ loyal fan base can testify to the reciprocation of love
between performer and attendee and in a scene where it is sometimes difficult to
stabilize a fan base and a consistent identity, The Mantras do just that. It has all of
the ebbs and flows, peaks and valleys and patterns of constriction and release that
can hook someone for life. Each show is a story. Each story is unique.
In addition to the collaborative element between band and fans, The Mantras have
shared the stage with some of the foremost titans of jam. Their most recent studio
release, entitled Jam Bands Ruined My Life was recorded at Umphrey’s McGee, axe
man Jake Cinninger’s home studio, where Jake is featured on two tracks. Shortly
after recording, The Mantras opened for and shared the stage with Umphrey’s
McGee members while performing the thumping single entitled, “Kinetic Bump.” In
addition, The Mantras have collaborated with members of The String Cheese
Incident, Tea Leaf Green, and Perpetual Groove among many others. The year 2013
saw The Mantras play over 180 shows, culminating in their annual Mantrabash
music and arts festival, held in the beautiful backcountry of Ferguson, NC.
Mantrabash stands as a testament to the loyalty of the fan base and the engagement
of The Mantras within their local, regional, and national music communities.
Attended by thousands, Mantrabash has become the landing spot for live music fans

from all over the country to enjoy the hard work and dedication of The Mantras in
addition to the other stellar musicians who appear over the 3 days.

Naked Jungle

Naked Jungle is an instrumental trio featuring drums, bass, and percussion performing styles ranging from progressive rock, world music, jazz, tribal funk, and more. Their unique sound is driven by heart pounding drumming which gives focus to the rhythm and groove of the music. Melodies come from the use of electronic instruments and bass as a lead voice to create a diverse soundscape of low end vibrations.

Surprise Attack

We got the band back together! After 7 years apart we reformed our high school band from 2008. With Danny on Bass, Ian on Drums, Jeremy on Keys, Tom on Guitar, and vocal duties shared, we're approaching music with an entirely different perspective. We go for the live feel and a lot of the songs you will see on our page were done in a single take in our home studio. Hope you enjoy!

Advance $13/ Day of Show $13 + Fees


The Mantras: Progressive Rock, Jam

Surprise Attack: Jam, Pop, Funk

Naked Jungle: World, Tribal, Groove

Ticket sales online end at 5 pm day of show. Tickets available at the door unless listed as sold out.

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