The Sonics

The Sonics

American rock and roll group, formed 1963 in Tacoma, Washington, counting as the pioneers of “proto-punk” and “garage rock”. They played in several local dance halls and in high schools, until Buck Ormsby, bass player of The Wailers (2), discovered them. They recorded two LPs with Ormsby that were released in 1965. They scored some minor hits before disbanding in 1969. Reunited in 2007, still actively performing as of 2015.
They're renowned for their crude and brutal sound, for Jerry Roslie’s lyrics (hinting at drugs, evil women and disturbing mental states) and screams.

Original lineup: Jerry Roslie (organ, piano, lead vocals), Rob Lind (saxophone, vocals, harmonica), Larry Parypa (lead guitar, vocals), Andy Parypa (bass guitar), Bob Bennett (drums)
Lineup 2015: Jerry Roslie, Rob Lind, Larry Parypa, Freddie Dennis (bass guitar, lead vocals), Dusty Watson (drums)

When we last left our heroes, the boys of ACID TONGUE—songwriter Guy Keltner, and drummer/designer Ian Cunningham—were wandering the United States & Europe spreading their psychedelic, lovestruck gospel. The band has come a long way since the release of their debut album, BABIES, back in the Fall of 2017.
They've toured extensively throughout the States, Canada, Europe, & Mexico; completely butchered the French language at their recent sold-out show in Paris; kicked off the first annual Hipnosis Psych Festival in Mexico City (attending not one but two Lucha Libre fights); founded their own DIY indie label, Freakout Records, and organized/booked a music festival: Seattle’s annual Freakout Festival.

Acid Tongue is already headed into a busy 2019—underscored by an forthcoming EP titled The Night We Broke Our Lease & the completion of their sophomore full-length, Bullies, which features string arrangements by Phil Peterson (Taylor Swift, St. Vincent, Portugal. The Man) & was mastered by Dave Cooley (J Dilla, Paramore, M83, Blood Orange).
Avid listeners will notice a serious development in the band’s sound & aesthetic; becoming more mature, introspective & pop-centric without losing their garage roots. As always, Keltner continues to boast the sharp-witted lyrics that made prior recordings so well-received by a growing, international fanbase. Have fun with the Tongue.

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