Corey Flood

Corey Flood

Sometimes in a “right place, right time” sort of way, what could be a misstep ends up a saving grace. Such is the case for Philadelphia’s new dark-pop quartet Corey Flood. While Ivy Gray-Klein (bass/vocals) never really meant to be a lead singer (though she’s already known for playing bass in Littler), a last-minute lineup change before the band’s first gig pushed her in front of the mic. And after that, things fell into place. With Noah Jacobson-Carroll and Em Boltz on guitar and Juliette Rando on drums, Corey Flood was set.
The self-proclaimed “despondent rockers” keep it short and sweet on Wish You Hadn’t, their debut EP from Brooklyn’s Fire Talk Records. The four songs simmer with a quiet fury, Gray-Klein’s hushed vocals floating above the metronomic drums and minimal, atmospheric guitar. Corey Flood takes influences like Helium and early Liz Phair and pushes them in a gloomier, more post-punk direction. “There’s a horse head / in my bed,” Gray-Klein almost whispers on the last track, “Causeway.” “It’s so hard / to be your friend.” It’s this kind of disappointment that permeates the EP—but it seems almost cathartic, as though the brutal honesty will lead to a light at the end of the tunnel.

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