Rasputina is a cello-based band that has been delighting fans since 1991. Melora Creager is the front woman and lead cellist. She was the first person to make cello the lead, and sometimes only, instrument in a band. She is the mother of Steampunk, freak folk, and all things corsetry. She toured with Nirvana on their final European tour in 1994 and has worked with Marilyn Manson, Goo Goo Dolls, & many others.

This incarnation of Rasputina features Luis Mojica on beat box, vocals, and keys as well as world jazz musician Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius on vocals and percussion.

Mamalama (solo)

Mamalama is a kind of ethereal, modern day sacred music performed with harp, shruti box, and piano, composed by harpist/vocalist Elizabeth Clark. Often accompanied by an ever- evolving world music ensemble that includes Native American/Andean flutes, hammered dulcimer, glockenspiel, homemade music boxes, octave mandolin, charango, a vocal ensemble, and frame drums, the songs recount vivid experience found within dreams, meditation and prayer, and explorations of sacred world mythologies. The music seamlessly blends the ancient with the modern, and is as much a vehicle for contemplative practice as it is a performance. Listeners often recall the music of Kate Bush and Philip Glass, with undertones of Hildegard of Bingen and early polyphonic music in what Chronogram Magazine calls :
“ ...A stunningly beautiful, intoxicating sound that will lull you to a place of peace ...”.

An upcoming Artist in Residence at Woodstock's Byrdcliffe Guild, Elizabeth is currently composing “Seeds Under Nuclear Winter,” her first inter-disciplinary ‘earth opera.’ This large- scale production encompasses a large body of original music orchestrated for a 'pit' orchestra of uncommonly paired world music instruments (harps, 4 foot long pan pipes, gamelan), a vocal ensemble, as well as dance/movement, multi-sensory experience, and moving visual art.

$17.00 - $20.00


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