Elijah Who is a 19-year-old producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from the Portland area of Oregon. Having played music since 4 years old, he started producing almost 2 years ago and quickly carved out a spot for himself online. He has gained almost 25 million Soundcloud streams since starting in July of 2016, and 123k YouTube subscribers and millions of views on his personal music channel. In the future, he hopes to continue his journey of exploring his interest in music and producing, and sharing it with his audience.

Peachy! is a 17-year old music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Discovering the endless possibilities and potential in the world of music, he was naturally drawn to this medium at the age of 8 years old, when he learned his first instrument (electric guitar). After only 2 years of producing music at the age of 16, “Falling For U (feat. mxmtoon)” became his most popular song by far, amassing over 3 million views through Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube, as well as being mentioned in Hypebeast’s article “New ‘Bedroom Pop’ Artists You Should Check Out.” Peachy! aims not to create one specific environment for his listeners, but rather the listener decides for themselves what each song means to them.

sometimes less is more. that is the logic behind the delicate but impactful songwriting of 18 year old, chinese-american artist, mxmtoon. hailing from oakland, ca, the internet phenom writes and records all of her music in her bedroom with oftentimes just a ukulele and vocal. the message of her music is that of transparency. lyrically the songs take a dive into the common insecurities of the coming of age teenager. this honesty is paired perfectly with a rough around the edges approach to recording that simply makes the listener believe every word a bit more. the fan response is undeniable with bursting social media numbers and engagement. needless to say, there is a bright future for mxmtoon and this is only the start. she is simply destined for greatness.


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