Campdogzz are dialed into the bleak, spirited heart of the industrial Midwest. The Chicago-based five- piece band harbors driving rhythms, insistent dual guitars set in intriguing arrangements, and the haunting, evocative voice of Tulsa, OK-native Jess Price. Her melodies take on the shape of a storm making its way in -- and out just as soon. There’s a feeling of electricity, of winds shifting, a magical mix of both comfort and unease.
In Rounds, Campdogzz’s sophomore album, was written partially in Chicago but mostly throughout the Southwest as Price and guitarist/vocalist Mike Russell traveled, post-tour, in the schoolbus that used to serve as their band van. Engulfed by desert, this starkness -- like Price’s native Oklahoma -- couldn’t help but seep into the songs. It was a period of collective change for the band as relationships began and ended, people moved and planted new roots. Everyone experienced some sort of massive life shift and the album serves as a reflection of that period, of growth and patience.
Price, who moved to Chicago to become a filmmaker, has spent her life writing songs. She never considered pursuing music, however, until her introduction to Russell and Nick Enderle (guitar, synth) while filming a documentary on their previous band, Suns. While Price is the main songwriter, Russell has been equally integral to the band from the start, shaping the sound and contributing a song completely of his own on each album. Campdogzz’s self-released 2015 debut album Riders in the Hills of Dying Heaven was the brainchild of solely the pair and came together quickly, but In Rounds represents a shift in their creative process. The new album is a more collaborative and intentional effort, written over a couple of years and recorded in 2017 in Chicago. Like its predecessor, In Rounds is self-produced, but this time with production assistance from engineer Nick Poplio.
Campdogzz have earned a devoted following in Chicago and the surrounding Midwest, with a solid line- up featuring Price (vocals, guitar, organ), Russell (guitar, backing vocals), Enderle (guitar, synth), Andrew Rolfsen (bass), and Chris Dye (drums). In addition to their own headlining shows and a recent tour with Field Report, the band has opened for Big Thief, Sam Evian, Ohmme, and more. They were recently seen in the first season of the Netflix series “Easy,” while Riders in the Hills of Dying Heaven has been streamed more than two million times. With In Rounds, Campdogzz usher us into the dusty windstorm of a melodic midwest -- aching with yearning and regret -- their hymns offering solace on the long road away from home.

"Winnow, the newest project from long-time friends and artistic collaborators Joey Frendo and Jared Meeuwenberg, toes the line between art and craft, and between infectious hooks and stories with cavern-like depth. They do so with a deftness that is nearly unmatched, yielding experience and empathy like a hammer. Drawing equal inspiration from all-time, one-name greats like Petty, Prine, Cash alongside modern roots-rock luminaries like Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson, this duo is dead-set on gathering conversations from bar rooms and living rooms alike. Road-worn and genuine, their only interest is to express emotion, not impress with frills and flash.

Versatile in scope and sound, Winnow's impending rise up the alt-country and Americana ranks should not be credited to just one thing. It’ll be their rugged yet poetic sound, drilling down on heady themes in a grounded way, plus their blue-collar mantras that propel them forward. Aiming to compel the heart and ensnare the mind, Frendo and Meeuwenberg hope to serve by distilling story into song. They're not aiming to tell truths, but to inspire you to find the truth for yourself."- Jonathan Frahm (No Depression, For Folk’s Sake)

Justin Duenne

Writing songs and playing music have always been therapeutic for me. I know it’s the same for most musicians. When something good is happening, I want to write a song. When life sucks, I want to write a song. It’s always about telling a story, or a weird public diary entry. This is personal. We’ve all been hurt by something or someone and we all still need each other. This is about grace and truth.



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