Junior Toots

Junior Toots

Junior Toots, son of Toots Hibbert, of the Toots & the Maytals is a uniquely talented recording artist and performer whose passion for reggae is evident in his moving live performances & recordings that inspire all.

Born and raised in Jamaica & the US, he has a genuine commitment to socially conscious lyrics and a determination to express himself sincerely from within. This passion can be felt through his deeply soulful vocal style that is reminiscent of his father.

With a mixture of up-tempo & energy filled Reggae, Roots, Ska, & Dancehall, Junior Toots reaches out to all supporters of conscious music with a message to unite & uplift. Beyond the sound of his voice, you can feel the positive vibrations that he shares from his heart & soul as he gets any crowd moving & grooving on the dance floor.

His album, "A Little Bit of Love" (released March 2012) has received significant attention and positive reviews in the USA and Internationally. His song, "Justice", which was retitled to "Youth Suffer" appeared in Unfinished Business (2015) , a major motion film featuring Hollywood Actor, Vince Vaughn. His latest and new album, "Guidance Star" is some of his best and creative works so far. Songs like "Worthy", "Roots Rock Reggae", "Peace and Love", "Priest and The Prophets" are all songs that continue to promote his mission of Conscious Music with a Positive Message but also adding those energetic tracks like "Roll One Up" and "Love Is The Best." to make you feel IRIE and LOVE.

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