Tongues Of Fire, The Palmettes

The Palmettes

Genre: Doo-wop // Garage
Band Members: Alex, Jana, Edward, Alexis
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Bio: We just wanna dance. We just wanna yell. We just wanna dance and yell.
Gender; Neutral (It)
Band Interests: Margaritas, chocolate sundaes, and gaudy jewelry.

Bubble Boys

Orlando Garage Rock, Punk Trio Serving All You Bubbletarians with Fresh Bulbous Beats Since 2016

Really Fast Horses

Man, hell if I know. I went to Gainesville and drank a lot and did a bunch of drugs and got really depressed, and then moved back to Orlando. Once back, I reconnected with all my best friends who helped me back to my feet and threw a guitar in my hand and said "deal with your problems" and here we are.



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