Brombones, Sun Graves, Brian Buckley Band

Brombones is an LA based psych-rock band primarily composed and arranged by artist
Jeremy Crabtree. He sings songs as story, as soliloquy, and as a means to understand his own
personal experience and to place it in a realm of collective consciousness.
Crabtree’s background is rooted in visual art and his songs tend to paint pictures filled with
large and bold color, and brimming with classic metaphysical symbolism.
The current band lineup consists of a strong group of veteran musicians and LA stalwarts:
Jeremy Crabtree, Kevin Valentine, Ryan Goins, Vaughn Bannister, and Matt Lucich.
This is the official release show for their new EP entitled “Black Eyed”
Recorded in the first few months of 2018 in their own recording space, the new EP is brimming
with new ideas and filled with the freedom and energy associated with making music
uncompromising in vision, yet completely in tune to the current landscape of modern indie,
psychedelic rock. It marks a departure from 2015’s debut EP “Found Love” and 2016’s
enigmatic and deeply personal full length debut “The Mountain Falls Over The Highway,” which
explored large, cinematic soundscapes and experimental sounds tightly woven into a mix of
densely arranged rock and folk songs. “Black Eyed” is their first foray into more of a deep
rhythmic groove and overall synth sound reminiscent of 50’s sci-fi and 80’s John Carpenter.
Expect big guitars and a potential dancing Viking,

Hailing from the Southside of Los Angeles, Sun Graves is a Western Alternative Rock quintet that embodies the classic elements of rock’n’roll, yet is blended with a contemporary flare that enriches and fuels their unique sound.

The 5-piece consist of guitarist Alex Ibarra, who founded the band alongside bassist Marlyn Barajas in 2013. Since then, a revolving door of great musicians have come and gone but as of today, drummer Gilbert Garcia, guitarist Mario Martinez and vocalist Art Lujan have completed and solidified the lineup Alex and Marlyn have always envisioned.

Sun Graves’ ever-evolving twangy vibrations is a result of Mario’s deep love for Country and Folk music. Contrast to Alex’s who’s early 60’s pop style of playing and songwriting ability has created some of the bands best work. The baby of the group, which happens to be the most mature is Gilbert. His serious love for music and drumming has given the band the heartbeat needed to stay alive. Paired with Garcia, is bassist, Marlyn who is responsible for not only managing, but also provides the bands deep tones. Last but not least, frontman, Art is sure to captivate audiences with his melodious lyrics combined with his gruff delivery. With all its pieces now in place, Sun Graves is sure to make its imprint in the city of Los Angeles, and hopefully around the world.

Grimy Goods on the Brian Buckley Band:

"One of the most evocative aspects of the Brian Buckley Band is the unique, distinct voice of Brian Buckley. His voice has an endearing falsetto that can croon with such sweet soulfulness as he transcends from tender ballads to up tempo guitar jams. The four-piece ensemble boasts lush arrangements that are smooth and cohesive, but have the ability to quickly transition into a choppier sound that is both melodic and complex. The Brian Buckley Band aren't quite folk, they're not quite rock and they're not quite soul—they're a rad fusion of a variety of genres, experimental in their nature, but exuding a powerful sound and stage presence unique to their own. Not to mention, their live act is insanely good—full of improvisation and wailing guitar jams that show your their experimental, psyche side."


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