Thy Antichrist

Thy Antichrist

THY ANTICHRIST rises in august 1998 in Medellin, Colombia - South America, based upon the Friederich Nietszche book "The Antichrist". Andres Vargas (Antichrist 666) is the founder member and lead singer frontman, musical director, manager and lyrics composer.

Andres 'Antichrist 666' has created a unique performance into the Black Metal genre with a sui generis corpse paint which is the trademark of the band. This kind of performance is recognized in the underground around the world.

Thy Antichrist relocated to Dallas, Texas - USA in 2011 and active since 1998.

News: The band is preparing the new full lenght titled 'Wrath of the Beast' to be released in 2016.

Thy Antichrist toured in Mexico in 2015, co-headlining some shows with the swedish band Necrophobic.

Thy Antichristian Crusade over Mexico 2015

San Luis Potosi - February 7, 2015 @Bunker
Mexico, City - February 8, 2015 @Circo Volador
León - February 9, 2015 @La Cadena del Rock
El Paso, Texas - March 20, 2015 @Horizon Night Club - US.Special Show
Ciudad Juarez - March 21, 2015 @Salon Versalles
Monterrey - May 20, 2015 @Cafe Iguanas


Thy Antichrist is featured nowadays as one of the most important Black Metal bands of the Latin American scene with an important fan base.

The hit Where is your God? by Thy Antichrist has over a million of views on YouTube.

THY ANTICHRIST has been invited to be part of 70000tons of Metal 2015. The World's biggest Heavy Metal Cruise.

THY ANTICHRIST was guest co-headliner Black Metal band for Rock Al Parque -Open Air Festival 2014 in Bogota, Colombia- as part of 20 years festival anniversary. Rock al Parque is the biggest open air festival in South America with free entrance to the fans. THY ANTICHRIST performed in front of 120K metalheads on August 16, 2014 at the high light spot just before Exodus, the headliner band.

Thy Antichrist toured across the United States in 2014 as headliner band performing for the first time in different cities and states with succes in each show.

United States Tour / Shows. Dates and cities
•Houston, Texas. November 03, 2012 - First show on North American soil with Absu e Inquistion as part of Destroying Texas Fest.
•Dallas, Texas. December 29, 2013

United States Tour / Shows. Dates and cities

• Houston, Texas. November 03, 2012 - First show on North American soil with Absu e Inquistion as part of Destroying Texas Fest.
• Dallas, Texas. December 29, 2013

Thy Antichristian Crusade over the US. 2014

• Dallas, Texas. January 26, 2014 @ The Boiler Room
• Minneapolis, Minnesota. February 22,2014 @ Pickle Park
• San Antonio, Texas. February 8, 2014 @ Lime Light
• Chicago, Illinois. June 21, 2014 @ Cobra Lounge
• *Bogota, Colombia. August 16, 2014* South America* Rock al Parque 2014.
• Miami, Florida. October 18, 2014 @ Churchill's Pub
• Maryland. October 31, 2014 @ Schizophrenia Hall
• New York. November 1, 2014 @ Saint Vitus bar, Brooklyn
• Dallas, Texas. December 20, 2014 @ Reno's Chop Shop
• Austin, Texas. December 26, 2014 @ Red Seven

Thy Antichrist shows in the U.S. 2015

~ 70.000 Tons of Metal - The world's biggest Heavy Metal cruise. January 22 - 26, 2015 from Florida to Jamaica.
~ Hempstead, New York. August 8, 2015 @ Area 516
~ Orlando, Florida. April 25, 2015 @ The Haven Lounge.

Thy Antichrist South America Tour - Exclusive dates for Colombia

~ Medellín, Colombia. June 10, 2015 @ Teatro Matacandelas
~ Pereira, Colombia. June 11, 2015 @ Oz Bar
~ Bogota, Colombia. June 12, 2015 @ Ozzy Bar

All THY ANTICHRIST music can be downloaded or streamed through the different online stores and streaming sites. iTunes, facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Reverbnation, Google Play, Spotify, Bandcamp, iheart Radio, Beats Music, last fm, Xbox Music, etc.

Current Line Up
Antichrist 666 - Vocals - Dallas, Texas
Abyssus - Guitars - Dallas, Texas
Frost Giant - Bass - Dallas, Texas
Chris Stropoli - Drums - Orlando, Florida

THY ANTICHRIST plays a Tragic Existentialist Black Metal, where dogmas and religions that have enslaved mankind under the mythic shapes of gods are disdained. THY ANTICHRIST represents the first consciousness of man as his own God or Satan "Ad libitum"

Mythical hell of THY ANTICHRIST is into the existence of our own mankind. Voice and music of THY ANTICHRIST is voice of anguish and human suffering, is the bitter voice of Nietszche, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlain, Poe, Cioran, Hesse, Camus, Hector Escobar and the inspiration of other existentialist writers that talk to mankind with the cruel reality. We are the voice of millions of people that fade in pain by the unstoppable running of time and its chaos. THY ANTICHRIST is the hammer that breaks the ficticious illusion of the dogmatic religious system and its commercial machinery and burocratic of a spiritual cheat.

THY ANTICHRIST is DECLARED OUT OF COMPETITION and Guest METAL Band, with the highest score which includes all music genres to participate in MEDELLIN ALTAVOZ 2008 Fest, the second most massive rock festival in Colombia and one of the most important in South America after Rock Al Parque in Bogota D.C.

Mención especial: Thy Antichrist es declarada banda fuera de concurso y Invitada en Categoria Metal con el más alto puntaje de calificación que incluye todos los generos musicales que participan en Medellin, Altavoz Open Air Festival 2008, El segundo festival de Rock más enorme en Colombia y uno de los más importantes en Suramérica, luego de Rock Al Parque en Bogotá D.C.

Band Manager:
Extreme Management Group, Inc
Mark Muller

Split CD
Label: TRIB. Productions - Colombia
Year: 2002

Álbum CD
Label: TRIB. Productions - Colombia
Year: 2004

Professional Cassette
Label: O.N Records
Year: 2005

South American Recopilation - LP (Vynil)
Label: LEGION OF DEATH Records - France
Year: 2006

Tribute to Masacre CD (Col)
Label: HATEWORKS Records - Colombia
Year: 2006

Gatefold LP. (Vynil)
Label: LEGION OF DEATH Records - France
Year: 2008

DVD - Burning Alive from Colombia
Label: R.M. Records - Colombia
Year: 2008

Album CD Re-Issue 2009
Label: R.M Records - Colombia.
Year: 2009

Deluxe Box Set with 2 Tapes
Die hard Limited Edition
Label: Virus Productions - Canada
Year: 2015
Sold out

Digibook of 20 pages with slipcase
Label: Blasphemous Attack Productions (Colombia) and Chivo Negro Productions (Ecuador)
Year: 2016


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