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Saint Etienne

Saint Etienne are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their much-loved Good Humor album with a tour in the US and Canada. The group will beplaying the album in itsentirety, followed by a set of hits, old classics, and a new song or two.Good Humor was originally released by Sub Pop in 1998, and was the first full album 'the Et' had made together since Tiger Bay in 1994. It became SaintEtienne's best-sellingalbum in North America, with album tracks like Goodnight Jack, Mr.Donut and BeenSo Long proving to be more popular there thananywhere else.It had been recorded in Malmo, Sweden with producer Tore Johansson at the entirely analogue Tambourine studio, where he had previously helmed theCardigans' Life and First Band On The Moon albums. Sarah, Bob and Pete lived in an apartment in the city together for six weeks, and the spirit of bonhomiecame across on such fan favoritesas Sylvie, Lose That Girl and Split Screen.These shows won't be repeated anywhere else. And you can expect some extra special tour-only merchandise items, including previously unheard music



Advance tickets also available at Rotate This & Soundsacpes.

Saint Etienne will be performing two special sets - the whole of their 1998 Sub-Pop album "Good Humor", followed by a career-spanning 'greatest hits' set. 

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