Conquer Monster

Conquer Monster combines the warm analogue hum of vintage synth rock, the pulsing club beats of modern electronica, and the nostalgic 8-bit sounds of the 1980s into their Sci-Fi space jams. Their dynamic live performances include a backdrop of glitched-out and well-worn VHS videos while their music waxes and wanes from dystopian ambiance to punchy dance-floor pop. Conquer Monster's style caters to visual artists, audiophiles, and dance club enthusiasts alike, which is why in May 2014 they were featured in SLUG magazine's local showcase, "Localized".

In high school Joshua Faulkner started modifying obsolete computing equipment into musical instruments and Daniel Romero started collecting vintage synths. However, it wasn't until 2013, ten years later, that they teamed up to form Conquer Monster. "It was clear from our first jam session that we had something worth pursuing," recalls Joshua, "Daniel and I were perfectly in sync with the direction we wanted to go with our music." By mixing Daniel's warm and spacey ambient pop with Joshua's gritty, monophonic, 8-bit melodies, they are able to create music that is different and appealing to indie rock fans, analogue synth-heads, and the dance party crowd.

Conquer Monster is currently developing a concept album based on a futuristic graphic novel that Joshua is writing. "Since we have been writing music within the concept of the comic book, our songs have began to deviate away from a typical pop structure and towards a more open form which allows us to tell a story without the use of lyrics," says Joshua. Their songs often begin with warped, ambient, Sci-Fi pads overlain with samples of math and science lectures which transition magically into bass-heavy, pulse-thumping, dance songs; keeping the crowd on their feet, literally and figuratively. "I'm continually amazed at how cool it is for me to write songs for this project, and then watch them blossom into full fruition through Conquer Monster. I've never experienced anything like this before, and it's a feeling I truly value," Daniel articulates.

Conquer Monster loves playing local shows, however they would like to branch out and eventually be globally recognized. "We aren't looking to get rich, but it would be nice to have the opportunity to work on our songs full time, and to play shows around the world," explains Joshua. As a first step towards this goal, Conquer Monster is planning a West Coast tour after their album is complete. "Our goal is to connect with our audience. We completely believe in the music we make, and we're excited to share it with people that will equally enjoy it." Daniel continues, "We put a lot of soul into the melodies and movements we write, and we want listeners to feel that when they listen to Conquer Monster."

Though music is the center of Conquer Monster, it is a multidimensional, unbound project that has many branches. "Conquer Monster, for me, is about combining all of my passions into one project," explains Joshua. "I can play grainy electronic music, modify and build electronics, glitch videos, and write graphic novels all under the same moniker." Daniel adds, "One of my most cherished moments of the week is the 9 am, hour-long train ride to band practice. The trip is always relaxing and reflective. It's such a great feeling knowing that we're dedicating the next 8 hours to creating and being totally engulfed in a tremendous world of sound that stems exclusively from our imaginations and our love to play music."

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