Outlaw Kindred

Outlaw Kindred is a Folk power group, hailing out of Reno, Nevada. Outlaw Kindred consist of two core members Olaf Vali Duna(banjo) and Josiah Knight(guitar), with other guest musicians sitting in. Outlaw Kindred's music could be described as Spirited Outlaw Grass/Folk teaming with tradition and old world ascetics. A ripping duo of lightning fast riffs, boot stomping rhythm and heartfelt singing. Playing mostly originals and keeping to a pre-modern spirit of folk music.

Both Olaf Vali Duna and Josiah Knight have been playing and performing solo gigs for years. Then they decided to combine there skills into a powerful duo. Having played music together for years and touring solo performances together before they decided it was time to create Outlaw Kindred.

Olaf Vali Duna has been playing music since he was 5 years old. Having played most instruments under the sun one day he picked up a banjo while staying with friends in Santa Cruz and never looked back. A few weeks later he was moving onto a farm in southern California and he found a broke down banjo in the basement, decided to fix it and within a couple of months was playing Lightning in a Bottle festival. Been writing, recording and playing ever since, recording his first full length album 3 years ago. Olaf's songs come from a deep struggle of light and dark, old and modern. Taking you to a time and feeling in tune with the natural world and the world of hard knocks and struggle.

Josiah Knight has been playing guitar since childhood. He started writing and recording songs in his early twenties and has been so ever since. Josiah's songs speak to the spirits of Pioneer's, Miners, Homesteaders and Outlaws. Keeping to the feeling of coming out to the new world and struggling to get by. Josiah recorded his debut album 5 years ago and has toured extensively on it.

Currently Outlaw Kindred is working on there debut full length album due to be out early summer 2018. Outlaw Kindred plays a lot of shows around Nevada and is working on a summer tour throughout the west.



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