Petty Indulgences

Petty Indulgences

Turning up the heat in the wax museum...Because we're an indie rock band from Washington, DC...

Hanson McCormick

HANSON McCORMICK is a songwriter from the USA. He was born and bread in the Midwest and spent his youth and developing years traveling the country gaining an eye and ear for the music of this fine & wild land. In 2005 he settled in the Washington DC area where he has been part of such noteworthy pojects as The Creme, The Drifting Moon, Victoriankillers, Black Engine Affliction, The Great & The Gone, McLumen, A Rustic Riot, and The Dusty Stars. He is an Artist constantly in motion, constantly honing his craft, constantly crafting a rich catalogue of fine & wild music. His most recent release is SIMPLE TRADE by The Dusty Stars, and his most recent appearance was with A Rustic Riot's Hamlet Project 2018. Find him and all these projects on



Hanson McCormick: 8pm

Petty Indulgences: 9:30pm

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