Harley Cortez w/ Blackpaw & The Tissues

Harley Cortez

Harley Cortez' first solo LP "Tangier" is something one might expect from a poet of another era. After high accolades in his previous bands: Just an Animal, Red Cortez, The Weather Underground, and Halfbluud, Cortez went wandering. Having put music on hold to focus on painting, it wasn't long before he was drawn to make a conceptual album after the passing of his aunt. Growing up in Inglewood,CA with a single mom, his aunt played the role of 2nd mom. He felt he needed to make this record to make peace with the past and move forward. He went wandering for inspiration; to Japan, his mother's homeland Guatemala, and Morocco -- where the title song was written.

In this conceptual album the idea of time became the motif, the obsession.
Indeed time becomes muddle after deep loss - the past, present, and future seem to all coexist. Songs that deal with overcoming depression (Through the Wind), with nostalgia (The Hours), social unrest (How it Feels), and the confusion of navigating modern life (The Following) all still fall under the umbrella of the over-arching theme: time.

The record's journey was inspired by albums like David Bowie's "Low", The Talking Heads 'remain in light' & Spiritualized "Ladies and Gentlemen". It has the kind of trajectory that these kind of records take. Cinematic in it's scope and variation, it is at once a beautiful tribute and a testament to the lasting power of telling of a moment in life through sound as vision.

BLACKPAW is the solo project of Adrian Rodriguez (The Airborne Toxic Event, Hanni El Khatib, Avid Dancer). While coping with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident in 2013, Rodriguez was bed ridden and unable to do anything but write and play guitar. This stagnancy while in recovery catalyzed a desire to funnel his energy into creating a new sound, and gave way to the project that BLACKPAW is today. His work is the result of with longtime friend and producer George Lewis Jr of Twin Shadow, mixing moody minimalism with the neo-electronic characteristics of modernism.

The Tissues

The Tissues, a dark and noisey art-punk quartet were formed in late 2015 from the remnants of NE Los Angeles post-punk act Flaamingos

Kristine Nevrose (vocals) and Jerry Narrows (guitar) called on friends Bianca Ayala (bass) and Colette Arenas (drums)
to complete the lineup, creating an energetic sound influenced by Pylon, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Stooges, The Make-Up etc.

A four song demo EP released in Jan 2016 creeped onto indie radio playlists and an energetic live sound generated enough interest
for the band to land opening slots for Pylon, Richie Ramone, Dilly Dally and The Warlocks.

The Tissues’ debut LP, “Veil” has been recorded with producer Duane Burda, who has worked on stage with Nine Inch Nails, Peter Hook and
Failure, and will be released in July 2017.

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