Quichenight Record Release Show

Quichenight is an Art-Pop band from Nashville, TN. 70s AM Gold melodies mingle with Jerry Garcia guitar noodling and a peppering of Zappaesque humor. On record, multi-instrumentalist Brett Rosenberg takes care of all duties. Live, a rotating cast of Nashville heavies have interpreted the catalog since the band’s inception in 2011. You never what you’re going to get with a Quichenight.

The next Quichenight album, Cooler Heads, will be released in May 2018, courtesy of YK Records. While 2016’s Camille’s Market was a wild and wooly home recorded affair (“somewhere between Pet Sounds, Europe ’72 and A Wizard, A True Star” according to the Nashville Scene), Cooler Heads is more of a conventional pop-rock album, circa 1979.

In 2015 on a search for creative community, Nikki Barber started the band based on the idea that "if you don't create, you'll combust". The rest of the cast is revolving with talented members of the local music scene. Just like a rock and roll circus, you never know what you're going to get. Inspired by the old days - Warhol's Factory, Townshend's windmills, Dylan's poetic phrases - the band tries to blend a sliver of those remarkable times into today's world. They aren't afraid to sit back in the groove and let the musical magic take over your mind. They've been called a southern Velvet Underground, with gritty, no-nonsense riffs and twangy melodies.

The Minks are here. Let's boogie.

Alabama based singer-songwriter Tim Higgins writes and performs songs which spiral around issues dealing with love, loss, grief, and the downfall of society; his are personal songs that often carry broader social implications. Born and raised partly in Detroit, Michigan, his Rust Belt upbringing is channeled in straightforward imagery and gravel-throated delivery.

His teenage and college years in Alabama lead to the formation of Bible Study, a collective of songwriters including Higgins, Emily Dozier-Ezell, and Kori Hensell. Their self-described "convoluted folk" genre garnered much attention in West Alabama, including performances at the Kentuck Folk Art Museum and the historic Bama Theatre. In 2014, Bible Study released their first record, Guilt Trip, recorded at WouldYou Studios in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, under the direction of England in 1819's Andrew Callaway.

Higgins currently resides in Huntsville, AL, where is working on a collection of new songs dealing with the ideas of blight, destruction, history, and responsibility.

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