Adam Wakefield

Adam Wakefield is a singer-songwriter who has secured his place in Nashville, TN, but is far from the typical artist one may expect to find in the Country Music Capital of the World. Growing up in New Hampshire, Adam didn’t intend to become an artist. In fact, his original goal was to become a musician. He began to play piano when he was younger and in search of a hobby, especially one at which he believed he could excel. Adam’s intuitions were correct, and he continued to play piano
until it was time to make a musical choice and hone in on a certain genre as a pianist. Rather than choosing the predictable classical route, the man who has become celebrated for his uniqueness in his artistry opted for jazz.

The desire to continue his piano-playing in the jazz circuit lasted about one year into college, and that was when Adam realized he wanted to make a larger contribution to music than the one he was destined to at that point. Striving for something more, he decided to join his brother, who was in Baltimore, and put
together a band. While juggling a full time job in construction during the day and band practice at night, Adam was also carving out some time to sharpen his skills as a songwriter. Channeling an eclectic group of artists from Stevie Wonder to John Prine to Willie Nelson, Adam would allow whatever phase he was in musically to drive him to create pieces reflective of his revolving interests.

Eventually Adam’s personal life would send him on a one-way trip to Nashville, where he decided to explore what the local music scene had to offer. He parted ways with his Baltimore band and entered Music City with no expectations, other than to enjoy playing music in a town that envelops the culture. As the old saying goes, when you stop looking for it, it will come, and that is exactly what happened with Adam’s career.

He put together a bluegrass band, started playing around town, and occasionally went out on the road with artists. While playing a gig downtown one night, somebody from NBC’s The Voice approached him and asked him to audition for the show. The audition led to a successful run, and his newfound name recognition was the catalyst for him to pursue a solo career.

Adam is now digging into his personal songwriting catalog, introducing his original material to the fan base he quickly built, and is taking his music out on the road as support for major headlining acts. He released his debut self-titled EP in July 2017 , which he describes as a “little left of center” due to the different musical styles he embraced in its creation. “After putting this band together, putting these songs
together and playing guitar out front, there's a lot of rock & roll in it,” Wakefield admits. “I didn't realize it was going to be like that, and while there's a lot of straight-up old-school country influence, I think it's a great combination of rock & roll and country.”

What certainly can be said about Adam Wakefield when it comes to the music industry is that he approached it uniquely, he entered it humbly, and he thrives in it confidently. It is those qualities that make Adam a standout, influential performer in a town that celebrates musicality and yearns for the type of atypical twist he brings to the country music format.

Greasy Tree

Greasy Tree is a blues infused power trio with excess hair and even more
attitude. The band's freshman, self-titled album is complete and set to be
released in February 2017. With the help of Pete Matthews (Evanescence,
Devon Allman, and Paul Simon) and Toby Vest of High/Low Recording
Studios out of Memphis, TN, the album has a raw, unfiltered sound that
reminds us of the greats. Cameron Roberts' scorching guitar riffs/vocals,
dynamic beats/vocals from drummer Jacob Brumley, and gritty bass
tones/vocals from Red Dorton create a chemical reaction of Rock and Soul
that is bound to take you back to your roots.
The band itself might be dripping with fresh grease, but these 3 artists are
well seasoned. The trio met through other local projects and eventually joined
forces on a European tour in 2015 with Teenage Head
Music. The dynamic of the trio was undeniable and they quickly turned their
attention towards their new project, Greasy Tree. Between the three
musicians, there are 3 European tours under their belts and individually they
have shared the stage with Shinedown, Charlie Daniels, Saliva, Jimbo
Mathis, and many more. With work history involving A&R Firm, Big Noise,
LLC, Red Wax Music, LLC, and Games Productions, Inc., the band’s past
projects have been licensed for use in 3 movies, and in several top shows
including Big Bang Theory and Justified. The band has already received radio
play on Triple FM and KISS FM, being dubbed as Jonesboro, AR’s next world
success. They were also invited to perform in the
Downtown Jonesboro BBQ Fest 2016 and 2017, which hosted over 10,000
visitors and artists such as Bret Michaels and The Brothers Osborne. The band has also performed the Bay Harvest Festival 2017, and the 19th Annual Osceloa Heritage Music Fest.
Greasy Tree is primed for success and excited to break in to new markets.
The only question is whether or not the universe can handle getting greasy!

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