Born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Maher Baba disciples, Darwin studied and performed as a tap dancer from age 8 to 18. His first compositions were guitar pop songs that he wrote aged 11 after his father, an amateur songwriter and a professional psychologist taught him his first chords. By age 13 Darwin was listening to electronic music - Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy and jungle/drum 'n bass and indie hip hop such as Dr. Octagon, composing mostly epic instrumental jungle throughout his teens.

After attending and promptly dropping out of Wesleyan University, Connecticut Darwin moved to NYC's East Village. Here he worked as a waiter at a vegan restaurant whilst picking up his guitar in spare moments, but with less strings and a less traditional approach to composition. Inspired by Animal Collective and The Strokes, he composed noise pop that no one ever heard, then got serious about music and started attending open mic nights. Having discovered the joy of lyric writing and becoming "Darwin Deez", he created his successful self-titled debut, which featured future hit singles 'Constellations', 'Radar Detector' and 'Up In the Clouds'.

Forming a band, member by member until there were four, they signed to UK based independent label Lucky Number in early 2010. He then spent the next 2 years touring the world playing raucously received live shows that featured spontaneous, synchronized dances on stage and added much needed verve and colour to the, sometimes dreary, indie landscape.

When time came to make album two in the fall of 2012, Darwin relocated from the chaotic hustle and flow of New York City to Asheville, North Carolina so he could work and record free of distractions. The results? 2013's sophomore album 'Songs For Imaginative People', which featured amped up production values, his newfound love for guitar shredding, and the singles 'Free (The Editorial Me)' and 'You Can't Be My Girl'.

2015 brought a new album, 'Double Down', recorded back 'home' in NYC and once again produced by Darwin himself. Singularly a brilliant, hilarious, complex, entertaining individual, Darwin Deez writes songs that will make you want to bust out your dancing shoes while also cutting to that raw, emotional nerve. Don't miss your chance to witness a rare insight into everything a pop star should be, and yet so rarely is.

And now, he has a new record coming out August 31st on Lucky Number!!!

Soren Bryce is an 18-year-old with uncommon maturity, who writes literate, emotionally intricate songs with beautifully crafted pop melodies. As a self-taught instrumentalist, she wrote her first song on the piano at age 7. While pursuing acting at 16, she moved to Los Angeles and focused her energies on writing songs and earning a reputation in the music scene, where she has blossomed into a compelling performer. She presents her piano-fueled songwriting in a soulful tone with slight vocal vibrato, an idiosyncratic style that reveals both strength and fragility. While raising money to fund her EP on PledgeMusic, Soren garnered the attention of the industry. That self-titled EP, which includes the IAMA Award Winning Song “Newport”, is produced by David Kahne (Paul McCartney, Regina Spektor, Stevie Nicks, Lana Del Rey) and is comprised of songs she wrote during the ages of 14-17.


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