Ash Of Eden, Paco Lipps, The Red Clay Strays

Ash Of Eden

Rock from Florence AL

Back at you in 2016! Ash Of Eden has big plans in motion. Together with their Manager (Kyle Prescott of First Order Productions) these guys are working hard to bring the thunder to your neighborhood! Look out for their first full length studio album 'Lost Souls' which is currently in production, as well as an upcoming music video to their single 'Magic no More'. Hungry for more AOE? Their demo CD 'The God Complex' is on sale now through CDbaby!

Psychedelic rock and r&b jam music from St. Augustine FL

While Paco Lipps used to be the solo stage name for musician Mike Rocha back in 2016, the name has since taken on a whole new meaning. “Paco Lipps” marks the beginning of a new era in music, not only for the music industry, but for each individual band member of this five-piece band, striving to create fresh, innovative content for their listeners.
The group has blossomed in both sound and success. The sound of Paco Lipps is constantly evolving, most closely described as psychedelic rock with rich hints of R&B, blues, soul, and more. Mike Rocha, guitarist, and Christopher Lucas, guitarist, both effectively blend their guitar leads in a way that brings life into each and every song. Chris McDowell, bassist, and Travis Barrett Rudd, drummer, both stylistically keep the rhythmic flow of each song sharp and refined. Victoria Romero, vocals, ties each song together with diverse dynamics and powerful tone quality.
Having the opportunity to play music across the U.S. has been one of the band’s greatest accomplishments. Paco Lipps has completed a western-focused Summer 2017 tour and is ready to embark on their next project: an even bigger Summer 2018 tour.
The band is open to playing practically anytime, any place, and anywhere. Their hearts are in the music, and their minds are set toward a future of spreading their original music as far and as wide as they possibly can. Paco Lipps plans to release their first official album in 2019.

The Red Clay Strays

Country Rock/Southern Soul from Mobile AL

The Red Clay Strays, or “the Strays” as they are affectionately called by their friends and fans, started playing together only a little over a year ago, but they are rapidly developing a devoted following around the Southeast with a reputation for delivering solid, highly energized shows with a sound that is part Southern rock, blues, country and soul with a hint of gospel. They take their name from the “red clay” of the South, representing their deep Alabama roots, and the fact they feel like a bunch of strays that have banded together like brothers to the point all of them live together in one house. Backed by a tight, dynamic rhythm section comprised of Andrew Bishop and bass and John W. Hall on drums, the band is rounded out with Drew Nix on guitar and backup vocals and Zach Rishel on lead guitar. The band’s tour de force is lead singer Brandon Coleman, who also contributes rhythm guitar and piano; he’s built like a young Randy Travis possessed by Elvis, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. He can deliver the goods mesmerizing audiences.

The Strays is currently nominated for a 2018 Nappie Award “Best Local Band” in Lagniappe Weekly’s annual “Reader’s Choice Awards.” They were also named “Top 25 Essential Alabama Musicians To Know in 2018” on and were the winners of South Sounds Music Festival in Mobile.

The Strays have been in the recording studio working on their debut for Skate Mountain Records. Co-founder Scott Lumpkin comments, “"The Strays is one of the best damn rock and roll bands from South Alabama...the epitome of 70’s outlaw country right in my back yard. Brandon Coleman is the real deal. He is a time traveler with the voice, the look and charisma. I absolutely LOVE this band and can’t wait to share their magic with the world."



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