Future Primitives, MASQ, Hotbed

Future Primitives

Psycedelic garage space rock from Birmingham, AL

Raw Soul Revolution www.futureprimitivesmusic.com Debut Album Out Now! "Erase The Future And Hope For Now"

Formed in 2012, Future Primitives is a five piece from Birmingham, Alabama. Equipped with a revolutionary psychedelic gospel they create music to dissolve the ego and invoke the soul. Their music could be described as raw garage power pop at the core but punk blues, psychedelic pop and spiritual rock songs help create a "Freak Power Unlimited" sound.

New Age Rock from Bend OR

MASQ, a New Age Rock N Roll Duo of Many Faces.

Made up of two Brothers from Sisters, Oregon who met in high school 8 years ago and have since remained together. Including previous lineups, the two have toured 8 times, having performed in 19 States clocking in just over 400 shows.

Most recently, on October 13th, the duo self-recorded an EP entitled 'An iPhone On Elm St' utilizing an iPhone 6S's built in microphone.

In December 2016, 'Faceless', was written and self-recorded in under 2 weeks, captured with 3 microphones in a living room with vaulted ceilings - hardly a professional studio under the pseudo name. AKA Faceless.

HotBed hails from Birmingham, Alabama. The four members played previously in Giants and Toys before making the change. HotBed began writing in July of 2015 and played their first show in November of that year. The guys just finished a tour in January, and are now in the process of planning a spring 2016 tour.

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