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The intergalactic, electronic pop of Adara will teleport you to a neighboring galaxy for a dance party on a steamy spaceship.
As a crossover electronic/pop artist out of Nashville, Adara has released songs on various labels including Universal, Armada, and Sony. Her latest collaboration is "Save Me" with successful DJ duo, Adventure Club.

She also has her hands in the fashion world, working with Designer, Kats Original Designs, to create customized outfits inspired by her love of outer space.

With support from major DJs including the Chainsmokers, Ferry Corsten, and Paul Oakenfold, Adara is on her way to becoming the next leading lady of electronic music.

Benjamin Poss is a singer-songwriter in Nashville. His latest single “Vulture” is a raw take on the dance house sound. It captures many layers of emotion and is another glimpse into his next level artistry. Benjamin’s first studio album, Brainwashed, was released in the Fall of 2017 in spark of the political climate, social movements, and the fight for acceptance going on presently. It includes the Billboard featured single, Blood + Guts, Skin and Just a Dream.
 He is an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, and plans to make a difference through performing and connecting with people across the world.

Lindsay Carver

Nashville based country artist

Sister Justice


LAW.’s distinct talent as a singer/songwriter has been clearly showcased since her arrival in Nashville, TN.

Growing up in Boston, LAW. began her music career experimenting with a wide array of genres while teaching herself guitar and piano. From there she moved to Nashville to hone her songwriting craft and wrote songs with various artists.

Her first release, under her new moniker LAW., explored the entire spectrum of emotion and the human experience. Her ability to intricately weld together dark and moody beats with strong melodies contrasts with her venture into the dance electro/pop space. LAW. demonstrates a lack of fear and pandering, which is much needed in the current music kaleidoscope.

LAW. has been immersed in her latest project as it comes close to completion. It’s safe to say that LAW.’s dedication and diligence on this project will be portrayed in full as it’s released throughout the new year. Stay tuned for the beginning of these releases in January 2018.

And now the long, intimate, get a real fuzzy wuzzy, good feeling about Lisa Goe bio.

Lisa Goe was born in Los Angeles and raised in Santa Barbara. Her father was a musician when he came out to California and her mother was a student at UCSB. Although Lisa's father sacrificed being a studio musician at Capitol in order to support his family in Santa Barbara, he passed on his music bug to his little girl. Lisa's father was heavily into Jazz & Rock, which shaped Lisa's music style. During her college years in Chicago, Lisa increasingly gained an appreciation for jazz, blues, gospel, and r&b. She moved back to CA and continued to write music. This lead to her introduction to artists such as Katy Perry, Tony Lucca, & Ernie Halter.

Currently, Lisa resides in Nashville, TN, where she continues to write music.

Kimberly Quinn

i moved to nashville on a bargain with my mother...that if i would go to college she would pay my way to move to nashville. i went to college. i moved to nashville and started writing and playing music...following my dreams of becoming a country music sensation. dreams, like everything change and grow...i discovered my true passion lies in emotive rock music. i like to feel. i like to make others feel....and so the music that happened became something between folk/rock/pop. its been a journey...and it still is...follow along...:)


Originally from South Africa, the Nashville-based sister duo strives to bring cool beats and funny accent to the industry. Cool things to come!

Caroline Shumate has been playing music since the mere age of 8 - teaching herself guitar, drums, bass, and piano. After putting down music after high school to focus on higher education, her passion for music overtook her and Shumate dropped out of college and moved to Nashville. Originally focusing on drums, the multi-instrumentalist had an epiphany while touring with another artist: she wanted to create her own music. After fronting a handful of bands, this is the year the Nashvillian is doing things for herself - making music with her own vision.

With years of working as a musician, and subsequently getting to know herself better, under her belt, Shumate is ready to take that leap and show the world who she really is. Under the moniker Stasney Mav, the singer-songwriter is showcasing her creativity rather than someone else’s vision.

“I was so focused on results in past projects that the only thing I wanted to focus on with this project is to set goals for myself and hit them,” Shumate explains. “This project is for the 14-year-old- me who stayed up until 3am practicing a guitar solo until it sounded exactly like the recording. It's for the 17-year-old-me who was told countless times ‘you're pretty good for a girl’ from some blowhard music store employee. It's for the 20-year-old-me who had no idea what she was doing with her life, she just knew she was miserable and needed to do music and left everything behind to do exactly that.”

Emerging pop artist Alaina Cross’ haunting melodies and powerful voice will be one you soon won’t forget. Once you hear the Nashville-based singer's unique “dark pop” sound, the possessing tones will be playing on repeat in your head for weeks to come. Alaina's rock-infused pop vibes are the perfect blend of her love for pop mixed in with her rock 'n' roll roots.

Alaina draws inspiration from everyday life and pours that energy into every part of her musical process. Listen to one of her songs and you’ll easily discover that for Alaina music is not merely just a form of entertainment, but a chance to connect with the raw emotions of the human experience. Similar to the artists she is often compared to like Imagine Dragons, 30 Seconds to Mars and Katy Perry, Alaina often writes on topics like heartbreak, loss and conquering life’s struggles. As the artist herself would put it, “when people listen to my music I hope to motivate them and make them feel like they can kick life’s ass!”

Alaina's captivating strength wrapped in distinctive vocals and energetic lyrics will have you ready to take a walk on the dark side.

Many artists hoping to make a name for themselves in music come to Nashville, Tennessee to be heard, but Sara Jean Kelley was born and raised right in the heart of the Music City, USA. As the daughter of hit singer/songwriter, Irene Kelley, she has music in her blood and has never hesitated to jump in the car and head across the country for the opportunity to perform.

Right after graduating from Nashville School of the Arts, Sara headed to Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. With a lifetime love of animals and wildlife, she studied environmental biology there for the next 2 years. Though Colorado is still considered her second home, the south called to her once again; so she packed up and moved back to Nashville to pursue a musical career. She spent the rest of her college years at Belmont University; traveling to gigs on the weekends, and finding inspiration for her songs wherever she could.

Sara Jean has both roughed it out on the road, singing for her dinner and a bed to sleep in for the night, and snagged her own private dressing rooms, sharing stages with her icons: Emmylou Harris, Pure Prairie League and Rodney Crowell, to name a few. Her slew of original songs offer the familiarity of traditional country and bluegrass while mixing in a healthy dose of modern Americana. As Jon Kerr from New York Minute Magazine writes "If you have ever wondered what it would sound like for Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash to write a song together over a few beers, you have not heard Sara Jean Kelley. Her voice is soulful and smooth, and just rough enough around the edges. She writes lyrics that sing, without all the fuss of trying to be something they are not."

After almost 2 years in the making, Sara has released her new ep, The Waiting Place, in January of this year. DirectCurrent.com says of this project "Finding that elusive sweet spot between mainstream country accessibility and rootsy, non-tractor-and-beer critical credibility is one of the hardest jobs in Nashville." Sara's record "may be one of the rarities to defy the rules, a mix of raw twang and soulful strut."

The single track on "The Waiting Place", "Trains", was written with Will Kimbrough; former guitarist for Emmylou Harris and respected Americana solo artist. Kimbrough is also producer of the project, along with Dave Coleman of The Coal Men.

Brit Daniels intertwines energetic pop with vibrant elements of rock and EDM to create a sound that completely encompasses everything about her. Born and raised just outside of Dallas, TX, her talent was solidified at the ripe old age of two when her mother caught her belting out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in their backyard. Daniels really began honing her craft and truly understanding herself as an artist when she began recording in local studios, performing in various talent shows and competitions and singing the National Anthem for several Texas Rangers baseball games. Daniels picked up her life after completing a degree in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas and an internship in radio to move her journey to Nashville to begin working at a major label and management company in order to learn how the business aspect of music works. Splitting her time between Nashville and Los Angeles, Daniels has begun work on a new project with the help of producer Jordan Galvan who works with 30 Seconds to Mars and Evanescence, as well as Mike Malchicoff (Kanye West, Kirk Franklin, Fun), Dale Becker (Cam, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Michelle Williams) and writers Phil Barton (Sara Evans, Cassadee Pope, Lee Brice), and Lindsay Rimes (Troye Sivan, The Summer Set, Drake White).
Music has always been the constant in Daniels’ life. From her mother putting headphones on her belly while pregnant with Daniels to her first instrument given to her by her father, she knew becoming a musician was her fate. But, when Daniels was a freshman in college, the unexpected happened and her father passed away due to injuries sustained from a car accident while he was on duty as a police officer. Through this experience, Daniels started refining who she was an artist and the stories she wanted to tell. Her first single, “Eulogy” shows that troubles you face can break you, but it’s up to you to move on, find the good, and see that you might be better off in life because of them. In her father’s death, Daniels found her strength and her passion ignited. Thriving on an outgoing and bubbly personality, she’s not afraid to dig deep and delve into anything that life throws her way.
“You start doing so much to fit in and be popular that suddenly standing out becomes the challenge. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, trust in what you love and focus on that.”

Abigail's strong vocals and edgy production make up her refreshingly fun sound. As a long time singer/songwriter, Abby Sevigny, using her formal name Abigail, pulls you in with honest lyrics and melodies cool enough to sing along to. She's the product of a musical family, constantly performing together or solo. In 2013, she fronted the electro-rock band City Asleep and went on to record an EP with the help of Brian Virtue (30 Seconds to Mars, Deftones). After the disbandment of City Asleep she's come back to her pop roots to independently release her first official EP entitled "Avalanche".

Based in Nashville, Anna Mae is an alt-pop artist/songwriter who recently signed with Prescription Songs. She has a unique voice which has led to numerous placements for prime time major network promos including the brand new trailer for “A Bad Moms Christmas,” The Voice (NBC), For The People (ABC/Shondaland), and the trailer for HBO's movie "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." Her debut pop single titled “Call Girl,” was released in August. She’s currently in the process of releasing a debut EP which is expected for early 2018.

Cali Rodi: a musical glitter bomb. You’ll most likely find this bubbly blonde igniting the stage with ear candy that tastes more sassy than sweet. She most recently caught the attention of superstar Keith Urban, who signed her to a publishing deal with Kobalt. Cali has released singles this year that have landed on Apple Music's "Best of the Week" and "Breaking Pop" playlists as well as Spotify's "Feminist Friday" and "Fresh Finds."


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