Based in Oakland, California - Bang Data is like California itself - built on Latin traditions, but deeply hybrid in expression. This beloved SF Bay Area based band - led by singer/emcee Deuce Eclipse who’s well known by hip-hop fans as an accompanying voice to the legendary Zion I, and producer/instrumentalist Caipo who has become a sought out name producing & mixing in the San Francisco music scene and abroad - they play cumbia, hip-hop and rock into a new language of sound for the people. The ensemble released their third studio album LOCO this Spring. Most known for their song placement of the self-titled track “Bang Data” from their album La Sopa” on AMC’s hit TV Drama ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 4, Episode titled ‘Salud’. But since the 2016 release of the Quiero Creedence - a Latin tribute album to legendary rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bang Data has received a growing wave of attention, including from the legends CCR themselves!

La Mera Candelaria is a female-fronted, cumbia-son solo project based in Los Angeles, CA. Stephani "La Mera" Candelaria's unique style of “kitchen cumbia” is light-hearted, humble, and unique in its back-to-the-basics feel. The sound quality and style are reminiscent of those cumbia and son classics you grew up dancing to in the kitchen with your abuela while she cooked on Sunday morning; the type of music that plays in backyard, barefoot family gatherings; or the distant sounds that drift into the dining room from the kitchen of your favorite barrio restaurant. La Mera Candelaria’s music and style itself is a vivacious mixture of Colombian-inspired cumbia with a Son Cubano twist; sassy, humorous, gender-role defying lyrics; and a humble, countryside sabór!

The project was launched in summer 2017 by Bay Area musical transplant, Stephani "La Mera" Candelaria, who has been performing as front-woman/vocalist since 2008-- her previous groups include Tambores de Colombia, La Misa Negra, Candelaria, and she has been featured as a collaborator/guest vocalist with Discos Resaca, Buyepongo, Viento Callejero, Tone Irie, and La Junta Collective.

La Clandestina

La Clandestina is a band that originated in San Francisco, California. Their unique sound is formed by their members who bring their influences from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and the United States.

They connect with their crowd by providing a festive atmosphere with the use of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass, congas, and horns. Bringing with them a varied repertoire of original songs, their sound is a fusion of rhythms like salsa, cumbia, reggae, rock and other styles.


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