Witchsister, Bible Belt, (the) Dead Sea Flowers

Rock and Roll from Fayetteville AR

Witchsister is an all female/family band from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Sisters Stevie (bass), Stephanie (vocals), and Skylar Petet (guitar) and their cousin Kelsey Petet (drums) have been together for five years. Witchsister's sound is a violent mixture of rock and roll, punk, metal, and a wee bit o' prog.

Stephanie Petet, the eldest Witchsister, got fed up with trying to play music with men that only wanted to tell her how and what to play . During Christmas break 2013 she texted her sisters and cousin and said lets jam! The rest is history.

Witchsister's live performances is where the magic happens - they are transformed into shrieking banshees, possessed versions of themselves, forcing the crowd to participate in the sacrifice of "giving a shit". When you wake up the next morning after a Witchsister you will have a bangover.

Indie Rock from Birmingham AL

(the) Dead Sea Flowers

psychedelic / electronic / punk rock / noise from Birmingham AL



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