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DJ Jubilee

DJ Jubilee is a leader of the New Orleans bounce movement and stands for all things New Orleans. From call and response jams like "Get It Ready" and "Back That Thang Up" to his newest hit "GitOnDaFlur", DJ Jubilee is the indisputable king of bounce.

Born Jerome Temple and long-time Special Education teacher at a local high school, Jubilee was discovered by area producers Earl J. Mackie and Henry F. Holden while performing at a school dance. He soon signed to their Take Fo' Records label. DJ Jubilee's debut cassette, Stop Pause, appeared in 1995, followed later that same year by the full-length DJ Jubilee & Cartoon Drew. After returning in 1996 with 20 Years in the Jets, he issued Take It to the St. Thomas two years later.

$18.00 - $80.00


Pardon the interruption! Calling All Schools- Faculty, Staff, (but NOT the Student Body) to report to Republic NOLA for a night of music, food, and fun!

Join The Teachers’ Lounge in welcoming in the summer break with Crescent City Soul and DJ Jubilee. VOTED BEST OF THE KNOT TWO YEARS RUNNING! Crescent City Soul is a nine piece horn powered party band from New Orleans playing all genres of music for all occasions. They are guaranteed to impress the crowd.
Enjoy also partying with the leader of the New Orleans bounce movement: DJ Jubilee. Former high school special education teacher, DJ Jubilee takes the stage with hits such as “Get Ready, Ready!” and “What’s the Name of Your School?”. Come celebrate the end of the school year with a guest. Enjoy drinks and New Orleans’ style refreshments. The fun starts at 8pm at Republic NOLA!

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