Alan Madej, Kadie Good, Joseph Maxwell

Alan Madej Band

Alan Madej is a singer songwriter who over the past 18 years has been recording and playing live up and around the Cleveland music scene with an assembly of over 10 full length releases. His own brand of rock'n'roll reaches out to the early styles of yesteryear to the vocal stylings reminiscent of late 50's early 60's wanderings. The band consists of a two piece (Alan on vocals and rhythm guitar and Alex Madej on drums) which formed this version of the band in 2011. Alan Madej's new single, "Mokele Mbembe," is the latest release from the local Cleveland musician. In a new direction for this single, the minimalist textures of the band from previous efforts such as "Luna Bridge" (2011) (the title track, which was featured in the 2012 "36th Annual Cleveland International Film Fest") and latest album, "As sweet as you are" (2016) mashed with their pop /psyche flourishes of album's "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start" (2013) and "Call Me Home" (2015) take the band into a new space while still retaining Madej's sound from yesteryear.

Kadie Good

Singer/songwriter from Cleveland OH.

Joseph Maxwell

Joseph Maxwell is a singer/songwriter based in Lakewood, Ohio who plays lyrics-focused acoustic emo indie-folk (or something)



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