Bad Balloon Presents Timothy Eerie, Pleasures & TBA

Timothy Eerie

Timothy Eerie is a cosmic descendent of a super massive supernova born in the Pleiades star cluster near the gemini constellation. As a young star child he became fascinated with music after being inspired by the sound of a pulsar. After several years of experimenting with hallucinogenic space drugs, Timothy Eerie began composing his own songs. Sadly, the peaceful commune he lived on was maliciously overthrown by the Dark Energy Empire and he was forced to take refuge on Earth. Since then he has assembled a band of gypsy travelers to spread musical joy with a sound that is both old and new.
Currently based out of Orlando, FL, psych rock band Timothy Eerie plans to release variety of interesting weirdness in the forms of auditory, visual, and sensory art. Get ready to drop out.


"Kelly's clear angelic vocals twist into strangely-shaped words and bizarre utterances that evoke Deerhoof's Satomi Matsuzaki, her Pleasures' expansive tripped-out music full of spacey wailing and warped guitar sounds, and pulsating bass grooves that, paired with synth sonics that stutter, skitter, flit, fleet and spread in washing torrents, have a definite Krauty/psychedelic appeal."
–LP, Creative Loafing Tampa



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