I’m a doctor: I’ve seen it a million times before and you, my poor friend, have caught a bad case. We in the medical community are not entirely sure of the root cause, its pathology being ambiguous in the extreme and its symptoms of an almost spiritual nature—indeed the condition itself does not yet have a name—but it appears to be widespread and, when left untreated, the consequences can be devastating inthe utmost. But wait. Before you panic—before you resort to all manner of snake oils and folk remedies—I have good news. A cure has been discovered. We can begin treatment immediately. I’m prescribing for you a steady dose of Sunbathe’s Sunbathe, a miraculously efficacious pop-rock analgesic for what ails you; a collection of nine tightly-woven, deeply melodic songs that treat a wide variety of your symptoms from heartache, modern ennui, existential paralysis, paternal relations, and yes, that mother of all afflictions, love. Sunbathe is brought to you by Maggie Morris (the brilliant mind behind household favorites such as Genders and Youth) and has been fortified with the stylings of trusted industry mainstays Pieter Hilton and Shannon Steele (of Typhoon) and Jenny Logan (Deathlist, Summer Cannibals); all manufactured in thestate-of-the-art laboratory of Destination Universe. Drink deep, my friend. You got lucky this time.

Prism Tats is a Los Angeles-based rock ‘n roll band that is the creation of the deceptively sophisticated South African musician, Garett van der Spek. Although it began as a one-man band with a drum machine keeping the beat for van der Spek’s quite modestly self-described “yelping and noodling”, it is quickly gaining momentum: after enlisting a live drummer & bass player, the band has begun to turn Angelenos’ heads & will be touring nationally throughout 2016.

Following the self-release of a home-recorded EP titled Excess, van der Spek finished a full-length album, which was recently mixed by Chris Woodhouse (Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Wild Flag, !!!). The self-titled debut album is out now on Anti- Records.

Eldren has been slaying the Denver music scene for the last five years and they are finally coming to the west coast! Eldren won Best Psych Rock Band in Denver for the 2015 Westword Music Awards, and they have been nominated four times for Best Band in Denver by iHeartRADIO for the Hometown for the Holidays and Big Gig contests. Their new album, Welcome to Deathville (2015), made the Colorado Public Radio OpenAir Best Albums of 2015 Listener Poll, and it was given a perfect album review score ("5 out of 5 Cocks") in Rooster Magazine. Eldren headlines sold-out shows in Denver, and their genre-bending style allows them to play with a diverse range of musicians. They have played shows with Gene Ween, The Black Angels, Imagine Dragons, Dr. Dog, Cold War Kids, Mother Mother, Cursive, MarchFourth Marching Band, Dan Deacon, and many more.


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