'If you haven’t met him yet, get acquainted: Omar Apollo is the homemade musical prodigy serenading listeners with swift Spanglish lyrics sure to melt hearts. Taking over Soundcloud, then Spotify, then Apple Music, Apollo has high-speed Internet to thank for his millions of streams and wide-reaching fanbase. Producing beats and recording vocals out of his home in Indiana, the musician’s success epitomizes the sort of democratization of media that the digital plane has granted to audiences and artists alike. The first generation Mexican-American artist represents a new generation of music.' --Milk

'Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and producer Mk.gee has mastered the art of transporting his listener to a different time and state of mind.... often compared to Mac Demarco, but with just enough influence from funk and jazz to bring him into his own arena of sound. Mk.gee’s music is fresh while paying homage to the past, laid back while remaining oh-so danceable.' --Ones to Watch

plus DJ Aaron Axelsen (popscene/ALT105.3)


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