ZANEAPALOOZA 2: Intergalactic Music & Arts Festival

ZANEAPALOOZA 2: Intergalactic Music & Arts Festival

Bust out your candy, glow sticks, and body glitter, because the best festival of the season is back for round 2! And we're going soooo much bigger than last year. (Is that even possible?)

This time be prepared for an adventure into the great unknown. Bring your best spacesuit or represent your home planet in an intergalactic festival of life, love, and lasers. Expeditions of space exploration will lead our ship from planet to planet to see the celestial art and listen to the cosmic beats. Grab a glitter gun and let's dance among the stars.

Get ready for:

- Some amazing headliners
- Motherfuckin lasers and rockets and shit
- Incredible art installations
- Many more surprises



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