Eleanor Friedberger, PILL, Material Girls

Eleanor Friedberger

American musician, born 2 September 1976 in Oak Park, Illinois, USA. Sister of Matthew Friedberger.


Soft Hell, Pill’s second full-length album, is a raucous, splintering dispatch from New York City, animated by the madcap ingenuity of a foursome finding a palpable sense of joy and play in expressions of caustic, black humor. Like the contradiction of the album title, which references our acceptance of everyday miseries, it’s a slew of dichotomies, a frenzied cutup. It’s bleeding saxophone and lustrous feedback sounding somehow pastoral, and winking hooks subtly infused with venom.
Pill’s lyrics are severe and funny, cryptic and straightforward, but never didactic. They reliably interrogate power. Vocalist and bassist Veronica Torres, a poet and visual artist, has cited as influences J .P. 'The Big Bopper' Richardson and Ian Svenonius, apt references for her wildly expressive range. Atop the clattering rush of opener “A.I.Y.M.” she uses an ambiguous narrator to complicate gendered stereotypes, while “Fruit,” a coolly pulsing vamp, explores the paralysis of political anxiety. “What am I allowed to create or destroy?” she asks in “Power Abuser,” highlighting the inanity of needing to ask for permission.

Material Girls

is a six piece trash-jazz/no wave band from Atlanta, GA. They were voted Best Live Band in Creative Loafing’s 2017 Best of ATL issue and were featured on Adult Swim’s Bloodfeast. Their debut EP, MG VS IQ was released in July 2017 via Irrelevant Records and their debut LP will be out in summer of 2018. Check them out at www.iregreteverything.biz”


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