Plawywrights Voiced: A Series of Staged Readings, EVEN WHEN WE'RE APART by Stanton Nash

Plawywrights Voiced: A Series of Staged Readings

Relative Theatrics presents PLAYWRIGHTS VOICED: A SERIES OF STAGED READINGS May 23-26, 2018 at the LPCC Gryphon Theatre. The series features 4 nights of new plays by developing playwrights. PLAYWRIGHTS VOICED returns for its fourth year as a successful festival of new works with a goal of developing and promoting local and regional talent in playwriting, directing, and acting.
PLAYWRIGHTS VOICED features EVEN WHEN WE'RE APART by Stanton Nash (May 23), RIDING BICYCLES IN THE RAIN by Erin Considine (May 24), THE BIG F***IN' GIANT by Rachel Bykowski (May 25), and SILENT EVIDENCE by Tennessee Watson (May 26).

*PLAYWRIGHTS VOICED features mature content and is recommended for adult audiences.
PLAYWRIGHTS VOICED begins at the Laramie Plains Civic Center (LPCC) Gryphon Theatre Wednesday, May 23rd. Additional performances take place Thursday through Saturday, May 24-26. A different play is presented every night. All performances are at 7:30pm. Each reading is followed by an optional audience chatback with the playwright, actors, and artistic team.


Oliver lives in DC. Searle lives in China. Oliver has fallen in love with a woman who looks like his wife, sounds like his wife, and acts like his wife… but she’s not his wife. She’s a biomechanical avatar for his wife. Searle hates a man who looks like her husband, sounds like her husband, and acts like her husband… but he’s not her husband. He’s a biomechanical avatar for her husband. Using these “Vessels”, Oliver and Searle struggle to maintain their marriage and stay afloat in a future where a new technology threatens their way of life.


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