Fragile Explosion: A Celebration of the Life and Genius of Nina Simone

Fragile Explosion: A Celebration of the Life and Genius of Nina Simone

Passing the Torch through the Arts is proud to present its finest
production yet about the life and work of the talented, controverial and troubled Nina Simone.

It is a 90 minute musical – A play within a concert (like a jelly doughnut), with outstanding local talent.

Evelyn Clarke and Marlene Merritt (our talented actors/singers) as Nina
Michael Monasterial actor/director, playwright as male lead
Natalie Hopson and Jhani Alexis (Actors, Singers, Dancers, Choreographers)
Harvey Kaiser, Kansas City Sound Band, one of the Hudson Valley’s finest jazz
ensembles featuring Joe Vincent Trachina.
Richard Rizzo, Director, Musical Director Harvey Kaiser
Eva Barrows and Sebastien Leroy, in a scene specially written for young child actors
(not at all performances)
This is a 90 minute explosion of music. It has great drama, comedy, music and dance to make it
one of the of the ultimate theater experiences. Fragile Explosion features 11 Nina Simone hits
and a thirty minute drama encapsulated within the music.

We trace the life of the classically trained virtuoso, Nina Simone, who became a pop star and celebrity in the 1960s. Her career was upended because of her belief in human rights. She was a key play in the civil rights movement. We follow Nina from her dirt road beginning in Tryon, North Carolina to international stardom We see her success and personal failures, and her
struggle and triumphs over mental illness.

$20.00 - $25.00


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