Formed - 1988 in New York.

Noise rock trio of Chris Spencer (The Cutthroats 9), Vincent Signorelli (Swans) and Dave Curran (The Cutthroats 9 & The J.J. Paradise Players Club). The original lineup consisted of Spencer, Pete Shore and drummer Charlie Ondras, who passed away from a drug overdose in 1992.

The video for the song "Scrape" (from their 1995 album Scattered, Smothered & Covered) received a lot of airplay on MTV and became their biggest hit to date.

Note - in order to avoid confusion with the heavy metal band of the same name, they often use the suffix "NYC".

The no-fluff punk sensibility is combined with flourishes faintly reminiscent of acid-teas-era experimentation, and freaky, tweaked-out vocals. Alternating between 8-bit Nintendo sounds and expansively spacy and epic movements, the music of Child Bite will constantly challenge whichever musical genre you choose to describe them. Like a perfectly balanced amphetamine drunk, there is a sense of euphoria, urgency, and baseless paranoia blended with an overall sense of velocity, a hidden logic and inertia that is both satisfying and mildly frightening.



Dibiase is a four-piece instrumental phenomenon hailing from Collinsville, IL (which is a small traverse east of St. Louis). While there are many elements to their sound; precision riffing, drones, loops and noise, subtle (and not so subtle) dynamic and rhythmic shifts, the band’s signature is most often found in cascading waves of rumbling down tuned open chords

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