H.A.R.D. EP Release Show

Overflowing with high energy, guitar harmonies, and hooky choruses, H.A.R.D is a four piece rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. It's only fitting that their acronym stands for "Have a Rad Day, because their music is energetic and about positive vibes and friends. They truly believe that life is about having as many rad moments as possible in the time one is allotted and what better way to do that than at rock shows surrounded by friends. Thomas Sweat and Daniel Sowards founded the band after the break up of their former band Light Beam Rider, in an attempt to make something more rowdy so they could deliver higher energy performances. It also features Brady Gomillion on bass and Zach Fierman on drums. Their debut EP entitled, "HaveARadDady" will be released this Spring.

Noir in tone and dripping with wild romanticism, there's an aching passion and sincerity in the crooning that is juxtaposed by the fuzzy grit of guitars and a bright, pulsing beat. Their self described dirty doo-wop sound is an abstraction of 50's inspired pop and post punk - but it transcends those styles with a more complex structure and solid melodies that stick in your head. The sound is at once fierce and unpredictable yet there's a tenderness that makes it all the more compelling.

There's no indifference in their message. It's a call to engage. A romantic revolution..

Dan Luke And The Raid

Dan Luke and The Raid is a five piece psych pop band from
Bowing Green, KY consisting of Daniel Shultz, Kendrick Brent,
Patrick Stewart, Dylan Graves, and Anthony Joiner. Shultz and
Brent have been playing in bands together since high school,
cutting their teeth playing house parties and bars that would take
their fake I.D.'s. Shultz also happens to be youngest brother of
Matt and Brad Shultz from the Cage the Elephant. Growing up
Shultz was always weary of the inevitable comparisons between
him and his brothers, however, overcoming that fear is what
enabled him to find his own sound.  " I think what pops out to me
most about Daniel is he has such a keen musical sensibility and
broad taste for such a young kid. He’s far beyond where Matt and
I were at his age musically”, says Dan Luke’s oldest brother Brad.
Check out the single ‘Black Cat Heavy Metal Neon Sign’ from
their Debut EP ‘Be Good’ due out summer 2017.

That's My Kid

Aside from the obvious, the band That’s My Kid, and a panda bear don’t share too many similarities with each other. One is a cute, furry, and endangered mammal that mostly resides in the Orient where bamboo chutes are it’s main food source. The other, however, is a rock and roll band whose diet is solely composed of distortion, crash hits, and all things that groove.

Now, entering their second year as a group, That’s My Kid, is making sure everyone knows they’re open for business. From hitting the road touring, gigging around Nashville, or just playing super loud at band practice, odds are you’ll be hearing from them pretty soon.

Forrest Arnold, guitar/vocals, and Abraham Fongnaly, drums/enthusiasm, met in middle school many moons ago in Murfreesboo, TN. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that they started putting some songs together. Shortly after these impromptu sessions had begun, they found the last piece of their musical puzzle, bassist and overall cool dude, Jashaun Smith.

Ever since, TMK has been busy making a name for themselves. That’s My Kid has made themselves regular guests at many different house show venues, and of course many regular licensed venues, as well, all across the southeast. Last April they released their eight-song debut This One which is available for free download on their website www.thatsmykidmusic.com, but their newest release was December’s EP The Dark Horse Sessions recorded in nearby Franklin, TN, also available for a free download on their facebook page.

That’s My Kid is knocking on the door. Nashville’s door, the music door, and most likely your bedroom door because they just wanna hang out. They’re gonna keep on keepin’ on, and pretty soon they’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ right to your front door.

$5.00 - $7.00


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