Peacock Room "Cocktail Hour" Show Reunion with Tammy Kopko & Miss Sammy, Her Last Boyfriend (NYC) Rainy Day & Uncle Boyfriend

Peacock Room's "Cocktail Hour" Show Reunion with Tammy Kopko & Miss Sammy

Tammy Kopko, legendary bartender at legendary Mills Ave. art, music and cocktail bar, The Peacock Room, returns to Orlando from NYC and revives her legendary "Cocktail Hour Show" for one night only! These highly fun and funny, high-camp variety shows turn "Cocktail Hour" into any time they take place. Doors for this reunion open at 9pm with 2 live band performances from Jim O'Rourke's Rainy Day and Her Last Boyfriend, followed by 10:30pm "Cocktail Hour Show" with guest host Miss Sammy and a closing band set by Uncle Boyfriend, featuring former Peacock Room bartender Phil. Cover is the throwback price of just $5. Expect drinks, of course, and they may be special!

Jim O'Rourke & Rainy Day

A Rock n Roll Quad from the Greater Orlando Tri-County Axis

Her Last Boyfriend

Her Last Boyfriend is Bill Wathen and Gerard Kouwenhoven. The two started the project originally named Lou Lu sometime in 1995 after meeting in Tampa, FL. They currently live in separate cities and work remotely between NYC and Orlando, FL.

The music is guitar driven melodic rock. The two songwriters blend their separate styles to create big vocal anthems. Influenced by the early 90’s alternative scene the music is often compared to a blend of The Cure, Sonic Youth, The Pixies, and the Smiths.



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