The Ultimate Robin Williams Experience

Roger Kabler

What Roger Kabler does is not an impression. That word isn't sufficient to describe what he does. For an hour or so on stage, he becomes Robin Williams.

You can call it stand-up, but to comic and impressionist Roger Kabler, it feels more like a seance.

Kabler, known for his impressions of many celebrities, has established himself as one of the industry’s top Robin Williams impressionists, having taken on the famed comedian’s persona onstage for decades.

Kabler has one hope for those who attend his shows: “For one night, I want entertainment to open their hearts up and that their better selves be allowed to breathe. Robin had that love, that good will. … . I want people to feel like they’ve been part of something special — not just a comedy show but an event. I’m just the medium here — something greater is happening. I’m interested in sharing and portraying the pure, uncut spirit of this man as much as I can. And hopefully you’ll laugh your heart out.”



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